Saturday 20 October 2018


Greetings Sinners!
Remember how I said I was hoping to get the rest of my Escher gang painted this week? Well you know what I'm like, I suddenly had an urge to populate our little area of the Underhive with some Gribblies. So the last couple of days have been spent painting up some critters for our next adventure in Rockridge.

The Sump Tank
"How much longer before we get to out of this stinking tunnel?" Whispered Cinders.
"Shouldn't be too long now. According to that drunken Ratskin it should join up to a large sump tank anytime soon." replied Jinx. "Once there, we take the tunnel on the right and it will bring us out on the far side of Pumphouse....those Goliaths will never know what hit them!"

Known locally as Skeetas, these flying bugs are usually more of a nuisance than a real threat, but they're more than capable of taking out a solitary individual who disturbs their nest. 
"I don't remember him talking about a sump tank?"
Jinx sighed "He the great sump tank, those of pure spirit will find what they seek on the right....or some such.....He didn't call it that, he used some Ratskin name but it was obvious what he was talking about."
"Ah yeah, what was the name he used?...the divine nager....the diving nadgery...."
"Shush, we're here" interrupted Jinx.

Hive Mites can be found throughout the Underhive. Their hard outer shell makes them incredibly tough to get rid of and some gangers have been known to use their shells as armour plating.
The tunnel opened out into a vast chamber. Jinx hugged the right wall looking for an exit that would lead them to their goal, all the while Cinders followed behind muttering to herself.
"Jinx!" yelped Cinders suddenly.
"Shush, you're making enough noise to wake the dead!"
"But Jinx, the wa...."
"What!" she hissed through gritted teeth.
"The walls Jinx, it's the walls."
"What about the bloody walls?"
"They're moving Jinx!"

Sump Slugs. Often found in in the sump swamps of Stranglevine Creek, though any dark moist area suits them. Although they move incredibly slowly, their ability to spit poison can soon incapacitate the unwary 
Jinx stopped dead and looked around, but it was too dark to make anything out. She listened intently, trying to discern what it was she could hear. It was no good, sighing yet again she pulled out her lighter to see what it was. As the darkness retreated thousands of eyes stared back at her; with just as many teeth!

Rats can be found throughout the Hive and are often hunted by the locals for their fur and meat. On their own they are harmless but swarms are more than capable of bringing down the largest of pray.
"Run!" she screamed "back the way we came!"
They ran until it felt like their lungs would burst and collapsed in a heap unable to go on any further.
"I've remembered." Wheezed Cinders.
"Remembered what?"
"What that Ratskin called the Sump Tank....He called it the Devil's Menagerie!"
"He'll call it his grave if I ever see him again." replied Jinx wearily....

Bomb Rats. Usually used by House Cawdor, unscrupulous Guilders or prospectors will use them to clear out an area that they have designs on.
The rats and bomb rats came from Anvil Industry and, just like the Gellerpox models, were incredibly fun and quick to paint.
Until next time....may Our Lady grant you her number 😉


  1. Nice! I've got all the little gribblies from Rogue Trader on my painting table right now, but nothing like those rats. I'm gonna have to get some. They're so cute! <3

    1. As soon as I saw the Gribblies in Rogue Trader I knew I wanted them for the Underhive.
      The Rats from Anvil Industry are great value and the models are good quality, I can't recommend them enough.

  2. Lord Adiatun Varunn21 October 2018 at 00:12

    Nice and very effective (I really like how did you let them become part of your Necromunda corner)! I love those fleas, although rats bomb really steal the scene; the rat with glasses, I can't explain why, say "Algernonn" for me ... who knows from where I caught that name ... Congratulations!

    1. Lol, there'll be no flowers for Algernon when these blighters go boom! ;-)

      The Gribblies have become a permanent hazard for our games thanks to a simple mechanic that Necromunda uses. Any Priority rolls (a d6 roll at the beginning of each round to see who goes first) that results in a double and we draw a card from a deck to see which of the Critters' nests have been disturbed. Each base is worth 10 credits to the gang that takes them out (so they're worth having) but they can also become a real threat if gangs ignore them.

  3. Nevermind Algernon, its his gas can wielding broodkin that you need to worry about! One incendiary rat blasted my leader and two gangers setting one on fire and that was just the first of the critters to cause me problems...... think I'll name him 'sparky'

    1. Ahh, they liked you, they liked you a real lot!

    2. I want to put the gas can one on some kind of truck or buggy or something, as an emergency supply.

  4. Nice little collection, great for some campaign missions.

    1. Cheers Rory.
      My next post will show them off in all of their glory ;-)