Tuesday 6 February 2018

Squaduary 2018......Ganguary progress & 'Munda Madness!

Greetings Sinners!
Work has continued at a steady pace this week getting the gang together.....despite spending most of the weekend gleaming plenty of titbits from the Necromunda Weekender.....

I'd already managed to build a Champion with a plasma pistol and Shockwhip (Catrina), my Leader with Combi-needler and Power Sword (Maman Brigitte) and a ganger with a Lasgun (Sumpsnake Sali).
I then realised that it might be a plan to write a list if I don't want to have to rip them apart later! Here's what I came up with:

The Voodoo Dolls - House Escher

'Maman' Brigitte
Leader, Combi-Needler, Power Sword, Laspistol.
Champion, Plasma Pistol, Shockwhip.
Champion, Plasma Pistol, Laspistol, Shockwip.
'Sumpsnake' Sali
Ganger, Lasgun.
Ganger, Lasgun
Ganger, Lasgun
'Wildfire' Kari
Ganger, Autogun,
Ganger, Shotgun, Laspistol
Juve, Autopistol, Laspistol
Juve, Laspistol

Total: 995pts

I really wanted to include more of the Escher's signature weapons like Stilettos and a Nightshade chem-thrower but the chem-thrower is just too expensive to include. The Stiletto weapons scream Escher, but unfortunately they cost 5pts more than a knife does and they are less likely to do damage than a knife. I'm hoping that an FAQ will sort out the issue with this weapon (I think they have got it wrong) and if they do, I will look again at them. Until then, they are out of my list.

Tia (ganger), Kimaris (Champion) & Erzulie (Ganger)
Sabine (Ganger), Calypso (Juve), 'Wildfire' Kari (Ganger) & Cinders (Juve)....so named because she had most of her facial features burned off and now wears a mask.
I was hoping to get them primed today but the snow has put a stop to that. At least I'm still on schedule, although I am working solid for the next 7 days, so I expect any progress to be minimal for the next week or so. Hopefully, I can get them primed during an evening this week (when it's warmed up a bit) and I can focus on the bases that they will go on.

Over the weekend Games Workshop held a Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender, showing off their latest models and discussing their future plans for Necromunda. I didn't go but my Facebook newsfeed was over-run with photos of what went down. I'm really excited at the what they have planned for Necromunda and thought I'd share some of the photo's of the weekend. I didn't take these and I have no way of knowing who did but I'm sure many of them came from Recalcitrant Daze or Battle Bunnies, so I'd like to thank them (and any others) who posted these up.

First up is Kria 'The Huntress' which I am absolutely in love with......and not just because she has hips like Salma Hayak.....well okay, maybe a little.

GW plan to release all of the main gangs before the end of the year. I think they need to do this because at the moment I would be reluctant to recommend Necromunda until more gangs are available. I realise that GW have a free download for Legacy gangs on their site, but in my opinion they're not really up to the job.

With Escher, Goliaths and the Orlocks that will be all six of the original gangs. Rumour has it that next months White Dwarf will have either Chaos Cultists or Genestealer Cultists (or maybe both) within its pages.

My understanding is that the Chaos Cultists will be a limited gang (similar to the legacy gangs download) and that GW plan to flesh them out at a later date.

The Palanite Enforcers will be the lawbringers of the Underhive and I keep hearing that they are not Arbites. The Guilds look interesting and will make great story hooks for the game.

It looks like GW intend to flesh out the Underhive much more than they did with the previous Necromunda....

......and not just the Underhive.....

If you're wondering what the Eye of Selene is, then it's this.....

It looks like GW have plenty of ideas in the pipeline for Necromunda.

Back in the Underhive, they revealed some rather splendid models to add to the atmosphere......Creature Feature!

I have been toying with adding some Sump tiles to my gaming board and this model pretty much guarantees that there will be plenty of Sump action happening.....

As if the wildlife wasn't enough to worry about, Bounty Hunters are heading this way!

Eyros Slagmyst has a really interesting story......

....and the water vampire himself.

For Squat lovers everywhere.....

Belladonna, Noble Bounty Huntress, formally of House Escher

Fortunately it looks like the gangs will have plenty of special characters to help out......

House Goliath Overlord

House Escher Queen

With all this going on, I'm certainly glad I've started on my Escher gang......until next time.....may Our Lady grant you her number!


  1. Great to see your progress on Squaduary and thanks for the info on Necromunda. I hadn't seen most of that stuff.

    I only got the box of it delivered for review today.

    1. Although I'm happy that they're built, I'd have liked a little more time to do a few more conversions, but time waits for no one. They'll have to do (for now) and at least I can put some paint on them now.

  2. Nice article Gary, thanks for the rundown from the Weekends event.

    1. Cheers Rob......It's looking like Necromunda is here to stay with a bit of luck.