Thursday 22 February 2018

Squadruary is turning into Fembruary

Greetings Sinners!
Progress on my pledge for Squadruary isn't going too well. The weather has conspired with Nurgle to bring any progress to a crawl. For a full week if it wasn't snowing it was raining which stopped me from priming my models. It only let up to allow Papa Nurgle enough time to bestow his blessings upon me in the form of the dreaded Man Flu.....bugger!
Fortunately, all is not lost. I was going through my usual Blog reading (Yeah, I know I said I was going to cut back on my blog reading, but hey! What's I bloke to do when there's snot oozing from every orifice?) when I stumbled across Leadballony's Fembruary Challenge.

I've made a bit an error putting my Voodoo Dolls up for Squadruary, not because I can't get them finished in time but because I don't really want to rush them. I know I can speed paint them all in a week, but a Necromunda gang isn't really comparable to a 40k unit. What I mean by that is that a unit in 40k is just one small part of a larger entity whereas a Necromunda gang is more like 8-10 individual models. I haven't given up on trying to get them finished but instead of painting them all up together I am going to concentrate on one model at a time. Hopefully I'll get 5 finished before the end of the month and tomorrow I'll be working on my gang leader, Maman Brigitte so I can at least complete the Fembruary Challenge ;-)

I have made some progress though, I managed to get some paint on the bases for my Escher gang.........I know right? Wow!

These are really fun and easy to paint.....Until next time....may Our Lady grant you her number!


  1. Lord Adiatun Varunn22 February 2018 at 02:40

    I am pleased to see that the desire to complete your gang won't miss it, good luck (in bocca al lupo) to Fembruary!

    1. "crepi il lupo!"
      I admit I had to google in bocca al lupo. What a wonderful phrase, thank you my friend for teaching me something ;-)

  2. Really like those bases. Looking forward to seeing how the squad comes together.

    1. Cheers Michael.
      The Escher models are lovely models. Of course, me being me, I want to convert them all, which isn't going to happen if I want a chance of getting them finished any time soon ;-)