Monday 9 January 2017

The Fall of Terra

Greetings Sinners!
Bolter & Chainsword have a great little event going in the Chaos Space Marine Forum called The Fall of Terra. It's a project designed to encourage Chaos Warlords to start or add to their Warband and give each other a (much needed, in my case) incentive to complete our forces.
I jumped at the chance to participate, so I decided to start off with a small manageable project so as not to over-face me. Unfortunately, the best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft agley!

I soon discovered that Photobucket has changed their Phone App and it is no longer possible to upload photos to it. To make matters worse, my B&C interface keeps throwing up error messages whenever I try to upload to my gallery, so it seemed that my project was over before it got started.
Fortunately, I have a blog!
So I've decided to participate through my blog and hopefully, the error messages that Bolter and Chainsword keeps throwing up will sort themselves out soon enough.
So here's my pledge:

I, Nestor Lustheart, Bane of Dorn and Chosen of the six Lords of Slaanesh, pledge the following forces to the campaign, the Castigators 1st Cohort. Further to this I will commit to finish the following forces in the quest to annihilate Terra the sons of Dorn:

Squad Rapture - 3 Combi-Plasma Terminators.
The completion of Squad Sublime's replacements - 2 Noise Marines with Sonic Blasters & 1 Noise Marine with a Blastmaster (to add to the Noise Champion & Sonic Blaster toting Noise Marine already finished)
Lothar Von Gottlieb - Slaanesh Sorcerer on a Bike.
New armour to accommodate the deserving gifts granted by 'Our Lady' & a mechanical steed to carry my magnificence (a new Lord of Slaanesh on Bike).

This is my vow.

So first off, I decided to tackle a new bike for my Lord. I already have a bike for him and although I like the model, he doesn't really stand out as 'I am Warlord!'

I want a model that people will know is my Warlord and was a bit stumped on how to achieve this.
Fortunately, GW released the new (ish) oval bases which look a bit more imposing....

.......but not really imposing enough.

As well as the lack of 'presence', I was also unhappy with how a Lord would actually ride a bike armed with a Powerfist and a Lightning Claw.....I mean it looks unfeasible to use a bike with those weapons.
After a bit of thought, I decide to keep the oval base and exploit the extra space if afforded me and design a bike that would show off my Warlord in all his glory.....he is the Chosen of the six Lords of Slaanesh after all ;-)
So I broke out the plasti-card and here is what I have so far.

Obviously, these are early work in progress, but it gives you an idea where I'm going with this. The rider will look like he's been in one too many battles and has been rebuilt by the Castigators' Fleshsmiths to become Nestor's personal chauffeur.....hey, it's better than been interred in a Helbrute!

I'm thinking of replacing one of the legs with bionic parts and I might model daemonic flesh to meld him with the bike.
For Nestor, I will be using the FW Eidolon body that I got for a song on ebay. This will go perfectly with his background. When Nestor defeated his fallen brother Vorlath, he stripped him of his armour and cast him into the six hells of Slaanesh. The Castigators' artificers have been busy working on this armour and will soon present it to Nestor to remind him of his great victory over his wayward brother.

Here's a (very) rough mock up.....

......and it fits (just) on the oval base.

So here's the first part of my vow, I've still lots to do, but I like the direction this project is heading in already.....groan ;-)
Until next time......may Our Lady grant you her number!


  1. Lord Adiatun Varunn9 January 2017 at 05:33

    It seems to me that you are pleasantly engaged, Brother, and I am vertice happy for you :-)
    I expect to see it painted and ready to bring war to the lackeys of the Golden Throne

    1. I am indeed brother!
      There's a way to go before I get the paint out, but I'm enjoying the process.

  2. Lord Adiatun Varunn9 January 2017 at 08:27

    I like the idea of the "chauffeur", really unusual, in the good sense of the term... Maybe, if I may suggest, a gold chain that tie it to his master, in imitation of a leash?

    in the previous comment I was victim of T9 ... "very" and "vertice"... Damn it

    1. I was thinking of having him hard-wired to the bike in perpetual torment, with the only release from his living death being the thrill of speed carrying his Lord and master into the heart of the battle.....hmm.....I can feel a story coming on ;-)
      So the leash that I was thinking of (great minds think alike) would a vox-cable coming from the back of his head.

    2. Lord Adiatun Varunn10 January 2017 at 03:47

      If my idea might be a good idea, your is better ...I mean truly "fuelled by sensation" :-)

  3. Good stuff. Glad to see the design process ticking along there. I haven't been on B&C in ages, my thread there never got going really.

    1. Cheers mate, the gears are starting to turn with this project.
      Generally I like B&C, there are a few negative gits, but overall the Chaos section is pretty entertaining.
      I've only just started looking in B&C's WIP section, and there's some great work in there.....although I do find their overall structure to be too restrictive for my tastes; I'm never sure which section things are supposed to be posted in, and because of that I find I miss a lot of the cool stuff that is going on.

  4. That is such a cool conversion, and concept, for your Lord. That's a proper ride for sure.

    1. Cheers Thor.
      Hopefully, he'll look much more imposing than my current version.

  5. Looking good Gaz! Love the chariot style bike. In defence of the current lords bike it was never made for a lord in mind just as a box standard bike. Keep up the good work;)

    1. Cheers Dyl.
      No defence is required for the other bike, you did a really good job building it and it looks ace! It just doesn't stand out enough for my Lord and it looks a little awkward with him sporting a Lightning Claw and Powerfist. He'll become one of my Aspiring Champions for my bike squads ;-)

  6. Yeah i agree with the power fist looks a bit daft holding the handle bars. Will look a lot better riding the chariot bike. I've started mine today stole the chariot style bike from you but adding my own idea's to it;)

  7. I love where this is going! Having your lord of sensation riding upon a golden chariot with his slave-beast-man-servant escorting him about the battle field will be perfect! Great work on the bits bash and scratch building to make the trike

    1. Cheers mate, just need to get these next 60 hours out of the way and then I will have a couple of days off work to get cracking on it again.

  8. I've always kitted out my characters on motorbike with a hand grasping the handlebar - any other way it just wouldn't be right. :-D Cheers. Good luck with your project, it might ejust the incentive that I need to go back to the brushes following the Nurglesque stagnation post-Christmas. Haha!

    1. I know how you feel, this time of year is always a struggle for me to do any painting. I always paint in daylight and, unfortunately, there is precious little of it in the north of England at this time of year ;-)