Friday 1 July 2016

The Harbingers of Joyous Degradation prepare for war!

Greetings sinners!
Work on my Grande Cavalcade is coming along nicely. I hit a bit of a wall last week, but just as my enthusiasm was waning, my good friend Michael got in touch about an event tomorrow.

The UK Team Championships in Birmingham is usually a bit too hard-core for my tastes but it's so long since I've been to an event, that I decided to give it a go and use it as a test bed for the Harbingers.
The event is an 1850pt, four player team event that allows Forge World. Unfortunately it's also using the 'Death from the Skies' rules, so my Fire Raptor and Dreadclaw would take a hit. Because of this I decided to give the Castigators some time off and WAAC to the max with some hard core allies.
A Forsworn Knight Detachment would be the Harbingers allies to add some serious fire power as well as some not inconsiderable punch......of course there was just one little problem, I don't have a Forsworn Knight detachment!
Fortunately, Rob and Iain came to my rescue and lent me a Knight each, cheers chaps!
So here's the list I'm taking:

HQ Warlord – Herald of Slaanesh (45), Steed of Slaanesh (15), Locus of Beguilement (30), Greater Reward (20), Slothful Claw (10) = [120pts]

12 Seekers of Slaanesh (156) = [156pts]
2 Seeker Cavalcades (80) = [80pts]
2 Seeker Cavalcades (80) = [80pts]
2 Seeker Cavalcades (80) = [80pts]
2 Seeker Cavalcades (80) = [80pts]
2 Seeker Cavalcades (80) = [80pts]
Primary total: 664pts

Allied Detachment
Renegade Knight (325), Thermal Cannon (45), Melta Gun (5) Reaper Chainsword (0) = [375]
Renegade Knight (325), Rapid Fire Battle Cannon (50), Reaper Chainsword (0) = [375]
Renegade Knight (325), Avenger Gatling Cannon (50), Avenger Gatling Cannon (60) = [435]
Allied Total: 1185pts

ARMY TOTAL: 1849pts

So everything moves a minimum of 12", everything that doesn't have rending has a D weapon or Stomp and it really doesn't care if the enemy is invisible or not.
All been well, I'll write up a report of how things went next week, so until then.....may Our Lady grant you her number ;-)


  1. Just... wow. That is some army. I think I'd just shake your hand and walk away if that was my opponent, but then I am not a tournie player.

    How would you normally ally with that lot of demons?

    1. LOL, this an army that I'll only use for hard core events. I have another tournie planned for next month and I won't be taking this filth. I prefer more toned down events but my work schedule has conspired against me this year, so I'm having to look at events that I usually stay clear of....when in Rome and all that ;-)
      I plan on using my Castigators with the 'Harbingers' which will add some fire power and air support. I haven't played a game with them yet though, so I'm hoping to get a feel for them over the weekend.

    2. Will you be doing battle reports for this tournie? I do find it interesting when the cheese meets the filth.

    3. I was hoping to, but the light in the venue made it difficult to get any decent photos.
      I might do a small report on what I learnt about the army.

  2. Lord Adiatun Varunn1 July 2016 at 10:30

    Good luck to the tournament in the Blessed Name of Slaanesh...Although the absence of your Castigators saddens me a little ( in my mind the chaos space marines are undisputed protagonists:-) )
    However beautiful the models and congratulations to your friends so prodigals:-)
    Be brave against the enemies of the Pernicious Gods, Brother.

    1. Thanks buddy. It saddened me as well brother, I really missed my Castigators over the weekend.
      It proved to be a very educational weekend though.

    2. Lord Adiatun Varunn5 July 2016 at 02:23

      If you're going to write a quick guide, and in particular on how does the army, I will be more than happy to read it :-) also because in short my Hatredbringers will face something similar but, to the delight of Rob, in Nurgle's theme... It will be a massacre ... glorious but a massacre anyway :-)