Sunday 20 March 2016

Rise of a Chaos Lord

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce some of the death guard that I will be using in our next game, as our story unfolds squad leader Tosis has been doing rather better than Lord Festus in many games and this has not gone unnoticed by the Grandfather!

In our last encounter Festus was laid low and is now in the lascivious clutches of the Castigators.

Tosis sees his opportunity to wrest control of the dusk raiders but with half of the renegades still loyal to Festus the only way for him to unite the rapidly fracturing forces is to rescue his erstwhile leader by pulling together a fast hitting assault force to smash its way into the Castigators bunker and bring his Lord back into Nurgles foetid folds.

Tosis Mire,
Festus' right hand man who's been taking more liberties than is good for him in the eyes of his liege Lord.

monstrous spawn (counts as mauler fiend).

this is a model from Mcfarlane toys I had intended to add all manner of mechanical bits to in the same way as I did for my heldrake.....but haven't yet.

Squad Pestilent 
Tosis' own plague marines

now lead by Rask. Tosis' close conspiritor.
Transported to battle in their rhino 'Rot'

Squad Contagion 
led by Septus, fiercely loyal to Festus since given command of the squad.

The Languid 
spawn of Nurgle imbued with inhuman resilience thanks to Lo'mos viral serum. 

Forge Hammer 
Demios vindicator Laser Destroyer

still very much a work in progress

I have built a laser pointer into the chassis that moves with the gun using the miracle of hot glue  

Squad Viralim 
Bikers of Nurgle led by Lo'mos the genius behind the phage, a serum so virulent it causes instant continuous mutation in its unfortunate hosts.  

Squad necrosis 
Obliterators. shadowy ghouls of rotting flesh able to form weapons from their decaying bodies.

Hopefully with the return of their lord the dusk raiders will be united and able to plan for the conquest of the pandora system once again!


  1. Thanks! This is just a small part of my Nurgle army and even as we speak more and terrible forces of the lost and damned claw their way from my bits box to do eternal battle for the amusement of the dark gods.;-)

  2. Very good! It's always nice to get to know more about the 'opposing forces'. May the dice gods favour either of you, in any random sequence they find pleasing. Cheers.

  3. Great to see a new post, hopefully this leads to a battle report soon?

    1. I've been struggling to get any hobby time just lately thanks to working 12+ hours for the last nine days. Hopefully I'll have some free time soon.

    2. I hope you get some time off, let alone some hobby time. Relax when you can.

    3. Cheers Mate. I have four days off now, so hopefully I'll have time to post something up soon....hopefully ;-)

  4. Now then Gaz! Nine 12 hours shifts ouch! Just done four twelves myself that was enough. What about a introduction of the list you are going to use in the up and coming battle report?

    1. Good idea Dyl.
      I'll get something posted up soon explaining the scenarios we're playing and showing my forces.

  5. Set the scene for the battle and both forces showed like a build up for the main event. That way you both can just concentrate playing the game and taking loads of pics just a thought and keeps your fans addition in check;)

    1. (Addiction) not Addition oops!

  6. Would be nice to see more of your work and work in progress Rob. You have got a good eye for converting ive noticed. That's where my heart lays in this hobby. Can't beet a stunning model been converted to somebody's vision to make it look better but not been converted that's the trick and you pull it off pal;)

  7. Thanks for that, stay tuned to this channel I've got plenty of things on the go that might interest you.