Friday, 5 February 2016

Chaos Boon -Slaanesh Spawn

"To strive for glory with every iota of one's being, only to be transformed into a mindless, fleshy beast. Truly the gods have a dark sense of humour."

Greetings sinners!
It's been a while since I posted and for that I apologise most profusely.
I had every intention of writing up a tournament report for the Caledonian Uprising that I attended a couple of weeks ago, but the light at the venue was so bad, that I used the battery up on my phone looking for my models under the table...yes, it was that bad....Unfortunately that meant that I couldn't take photos after game 2. I enjoyed the event but it was marred somewhat by the venue being over crowded (couldn't move between tables) and there was very little light to see what was going on properly.
My HBS (hobby butterfly syndrome) has once again flared up and I'm all over the place at the moment, as I write this I have 2 Imperial ruins cluttering my coffee table, way too much foam board scattered across the room for another terrain piece I want to build, paint everywhere and a Daemon Prince that has been removed from its old base ready to be put on a larger base. My Dining room is cluttered with so many models that I can't actually see the gaming mat under them!
Speaking of gaming, that is little more than a distant memory, my regular gaming partner has a new job and it's taking it's toil on our gaming time. Of course the less I play, the less I want to play, so I've been focusing more on modelling ideas and dreaming up scenarios for the Storms of Judgement campaign (I.E. reading other people's Blogs and ignoring my own....oops).
While scouring the net for inspiration, I pledged my soul to Bolter & Chainsword's Festive Spawn Competition to help me focus on something.

I had wanted to build a Spawn model for those very infrequent times when one of my aspiring champions actually wins a duel. This happens so rarely that I guarantee when it does, he will be blessed with Spawndom! After rummaging through my bits box, I soon knocked up a model using copious amounts of greenstuff......and that's as far as I got. It then languished in perpetual purgatory, also known as TTPP (Things To Paint Pile).
Fortunately, I'm a big fan of Bolter & Chainsword (I really should post there more often, because it's a surprisingly upbeat forum, most of the time), so I jumped at the chance to enter one their projects.
So enough jabbering, here it is, my Slaanesh Spawn.....hopefully it won't see the table too often ;-)

I had quite a bit of fun painting him. I wanted him to look 'freshly' turned, so I added some armour plates and a helmet to the base......

.....and copious amounts of blood splatter.

I pretty pleased with how he's turned out and I think it looks Slaaneshi without going over the top.

Right I'm off to design an army list for the annual 'Invitational' that I'm going to tomorrow....nothing like leaving it to the last minute eh?
Until next time......may Our Lady grant you her number!


  1. He looks awesome. Way better than the Spawn kit GW sells. What bits did you make him out of?

    1. Cheers Thor. The torso, legs and hands are from FW's Skin Wolves. The horns and 'body mouth' are one of the heads from the fantasy Terrorghiest kit. The tail is from the old metal Slaanesh Fiend and the pincer type mandibles are from a Tyranid model (no idea which). Everything else is Greenstuff.
      Thinking about it, it would be a very expensive model to make, but everything was left-overs from previous projects ;-)

    2. Well, it looks seamless with so many kits. A testament to your skill :)

  2. Bloody awesome Gaz! Maybe my new favourite mobile in your castigators army. I saw it before it was painted and thought bloody awesome then. Great scratch built conversation and great paint job and stunning idea, I tip my hat off to you GM.:)

  3. Like it love it mate! When you showing off the chaos knight? Last time you posted it was your next project. Waiting to see the paint job you do for ideas for my own hell knight style defiler. May I had is turning into a nightmare to get just right. But the lengths we go for the finish result hey Gaz.;)

    1. The Knight is base coated so far. I'm still toying with ideas for it, think I'm going to go with the Castigators colour scheme. The Forgeworld Knight is limiting my options a bit, as the detail is already moulded onto it and it's limiting my imagination. I'm wishing I'd gone for the regular Imperial Knight now, so I would have had a blank canvas to start from. I'll figure something out though.

  4. Hiya Mr Castigator. I fully agree that one should check into optimistic venues instead of the grief-mongers of the web. It certainly helps to keep one's gaming interest focused. It will be great to see step by step how you build the Chaos Knight, never mind the time it takes to complete it. Chees.

    1. Yeah, the B&C Chaos forum is pretty up beat, there are a couple of miserable sods on there but generally the mods do good job of shutting them down.
      It could be a while before I return to my Knight as I only use it in tournaments and I've nothing planned until August. At the moment I'm more interested in smaller models rather than the larger stuff.
      My regular gaming buddy (Rob) will be writing some articles for the blog soon and I know he has a Knight as well, so perhaps we can have a Knight off to give each other some incentive.