Tuesday 16 February 2016

A new author to add to the madness

Greetings Sinners!
You've probably heard me talk about my regular gaming buddy Rob. He's the guy who most of my battle reports are with and the one responsible for spreading death and disease throughout the Pandora system. He's also the person that has kept me interested in playing for the last couple of years. I figured it was high time that he started posting on the blog. Hopefully he'll post some of his wonderfully painted models and inspire us with his dark and twisted outlook on life.
So without further ado, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to Rob Kanci.

Greetings thrill seekers, Rob Kanci here.

Gary has kindly allowed me access to his blog in order to share some of my projects with you all. 

Although I'm an age long follower of the merciless gods I generally follow a different path to the castigator, being a child of grandfather Nurgle.
Today however I offer tithes to the dark prince in a form most pleasing to the eye.
This daemon princess was going to be part of a daemon army that never was and has remained unfinished for some years.

As yet unnamed it is a bane legions model with the wings of a balrog.

I'm quite happy with the skin tones on this, I used several layers of airbrush and wash finally blending from black to flesh by hand which worked out better than usual. The wings were simply washed and dry-brushed and the same with the micro arts studio base.

looking at it again in the photos I'm wondering if the staff should be a darker colour rather than bone though I think it gives it a feeling of lightness. I also noticed I haven't painted the gem on the sword, like the majority of my models there is always something else to do on them.

hopefully a bit of feedback will inspire me to complete more models.

Yes this is all very nice and soporific, but of course nothing remains pristine for long. If you get in close you might make out a few imperfections in the joins which I am not going to fix as I doubt  I can match the finish. I also managed to fleck it in places with a couple of tiny black spots when I left it near my water pot but those do look quite good kinda like beauty spots.
 Altogether one of my better efforts shame it doesn't get more use!

Anyway time to go I can hear Pappa Nurgle calling and if he finds out I've been cavorting with this succubus again who knows what malady he will gift me with!



  1. That is one sweet looking Daemon Princess Rob. Maybe when you've read the new Daemon formations you'll think about using it more.

  2. Though I don't like the model (the sword arm looks rather static and uninspired to me), you've done a great job painting it! Painting skin in a "human" colour tone is always a horror for me and you've worked it out really good.
    The wings fit real good, have a nice size and divert the eye from the (awkward) sword arm ;)
    Nice! And welcome to the blog :)

  3. Thanks for the comments.
    @castigator:-Are these the formations in the wolf book?
    @sejason:- fair comment, it would be a nightmare to repose because of all the exposed musculature there is nowhere to hide the joins. I know what you mean with flesh tones a lot of them are very orangey. I think I did around seven layers before I ended up with a colour I liked.

    1. Yeah, the Curse of the Wulfen book. The Slaaneshi side is a bit limited, but Nurgle is probably the cheapest to get it rolling. It's definitely aimed at pantheon lists rather than mono-god.
      Unfortunately, then you look at the Space Wolves section and think why do I bother?

  4. Good work Rob. Really like it.