Monday 24 November 2014

Slaanesh Lord Nestor Lustheart, Chapter Master of the Castigators - The Colours of Chaos

I thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce you to Nestor Lustheart, Chapter Master of the Castigators and scourge to the scions of Dorn.  

I Saw A Pale Rider....And His Name was Death.

Armed with a Lightning Claw and the Burning Brand of Skallathrax, Nestor sits proudly upon his trusty steed S'ha-rhea. It was S'ha-rhea who discovered Nestor's broken and defiled body in the six hells of Slaanesh. Cast down from the right hand of Slaanesh by his blood -brother Vorlath of the Emperors Children, S'ha-rhea nurtured the fallen warrior with warmth and milk until he regained his strength. Why S'ha-rhea didn't just devour him, none can say? But the Gods have  always been  devious and fickle in nature.....
Nestor fought his way through the six hells and found his way back to his Chapter. A blood feud between Nestor and Vorlath began with Nestor determined to claim back his rightful position as the right hand of Slaanesh. Nestor and his Castigators did battle with Vorlath's Emperors Children warband, reclaiming the title Chosen of Slaanesh, with Nestor striking down his blood-brother and removing his right hand which he wears proudly around his neck.
Your hand makes a fine necklace Steve ;-)


  1. Awesome. I love fluff for armies and characters, and I love Chaos, so I really liked this.

    The model is great as well. I really like the color scheme, the painting is great, and the conversion are well done. Great job all around.

    1. Thank's nice to know there are people appreciate the fluff as well as the game ;-). Rest assured there'll be plenty more to follow.

    2. I look forward to it.

      I've got a bunch of fluff on my site as well for my Chaos Marines. The index of all the fluff, including my other armies, is here if you ever get bored:

      Writing fluff for my characters is probably my favorite thing to do and I'm behind on it.

    3. I'll check it out tonight.
      My Castigators Slaanesh Marines have been around for so long (started them when Realm of Chaos, Slaves to Darkness was released) that their background has taken on a life of its own these days.