Monday 1 May 2023

Resurrection or the final nail in the coffin?


Greetings readers!

A new edition of 40k is on the way and it appears that GW have made an effort to minimise the rules bloat and offer a more streamlined game system. I'm not convinced about the latter part but I'm coming from a place where the last game I played was the beginning of 8th.

Despite my misgivings, Rob and I have decided to give 10th a go.


There were several reasons that we never bothered with 9th but the main one was how long it took to play a 2000pt game. Tournaments/events lasted 3 hours and while I don't mind a 3 hour game I dread the thought of three 3 hour games in a day. 

A friend in the know has said that 10th will take 2.5 hours while getting used to it but once familiar with the rules it will be possible to play a game at around the 2 hour mark. Even if events use 2.5 hours for their rounds that is still a 1.5 hour saving over the day which could well make all the difference for an old git like me 😁

Rob and I haven't really missed 40k. Necromunda is a better game, has a more narrative aspect that suits us and looks much cooler. So why bother then? 

The simple answer to that is that we've missed our mates. The Cold Steel Mercenaries (CSM for short) aren't exactly a club, we're more a bunch of like minded souls that live all across England (and one that now lives in the USA) that enjoy each other's company. They are the only reason both Rob and I keep looking at 40k.

With this in mind we both thought we'd wait for 10th to be released and see how it played before we made a decision but then Michael (our CSM figurehead) came up with a great idea for the introduction of 10th....We all buy a Combat Patrol box and have a good old get-together in August to try it out.

Just about all of the CSMs have jumped on board with this idea so for the next couple of months I'm hoping to show off how we're doing. 

Sowelcome to a tale of nine gamers!

We've all picked our Combat Patrols and as I write this I'm hoping for mine to arrive Tomorrow.

Here's our choices.









Gary (me)

So a pretty good mix of armies. I'm a bit surprised that there's no Votann (they'll always be squats to me) but I'm still to hear if Matt is joining the fray (although I suspect he might go for Dark Angels).

I'm hoping to get hold of updates as we all progress in our endeavours so expect a sudden influx of 40k photos over the next couple of months.

Until next time...May our Lady grant you her number



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