Tuesday 31 January 2023

Darkmaw - The Extraction


The Cawdor and Orlock gangs had scoured the area looking for their respective leaders with little to no sign of them.
Both gangs had heard the Escher and Goliaths bragging about the dust up from the Parley between all of the gangs' leaders. Rumour had it that all of the leaders had given as good as they'd got but the Cawdor and Orlock leaders had failed to return.
The two gangs had put aside their differences to search the surrounding area where the gang moot had taken place. Each ganger paired off with their opposite number to ensure that no accident befell anybody should the leaders be found.
It was Ludwig the Fierce who discovered the blood trail. 
"Leave it to a Cawdor to find something in the dirt" mumbled Ironhide. 
The Cawdor Deacon rose to his feet activating his Chainaxe at the barb.
Ironhide reached for his hammer ready to meet the Cawdor head on when both were bathed in light.
Both turned their attention to the recently discovered ruin named Darkmaw. Light flooded from its mouth beckoning them to investigate.
Both reluctantly put their weapons away and followed the light to its source.
"Know what the problem is with you Redemptionists?" Said the Orlock Arms Master.
"I'm sure you're about to tell me." Replied the Cawdor.
"No sense of humour." 
His laughter echoing down the tunnel.

As soon as they exited the elevator Ludwig and Ironhide searched the immediate area. Ironhide found a Medi-kit and Ludwig discovered signs of recent activity. A skittering sound echoed from the corridor, both gangers made their weapons ready as the sound grew closer.

As the party moved towards a derelict stronghold the origins of the skittering sound made themselves known...Rat Swarms. Ironhide's Arc Hammer made short work of one Rat Swarm and Ludwig jumped in against another, .
The gangers fought side by side as the rats swarmed all over them. Finally the party vanquished them but not without cost. Ludwig had taken several Flesh wounds. Ironhide used up the Medi-kit in an attempt to stop the blood flow.

As the party picked over the Stronghold ruins Ironhide suddenly spun around with his shotgun in hand. Ludwig threw himself to the ground convinced the Orlock had betrayed him. A solid shot rang out blasting the Giant Tunnel-Web that crept towards the Cawdor. The shot found its mark, blasting apart the monstrosity.

The party searched the Stronghold and discovered a cocooned body. Still warm, Ironhide tore away the wrappings.... 

....to discover Coyote Red, The Orlock's missing leader.
"I've found what I came for Cawdor, our alliance is at an end...." Said Ironhide
"No!" interrupted the Orlock leader. "We find Cankerson. I will not leave him here."
Ironhide shook his head and let out a sigh.

Ludwig leapt towards the prone Orlock leader and Ironhide thought that the Redemptionist had finally succumbed to his fervent extremism, only to watch the Deacon leap into a swarm of Skeetas. The Cawdor screamed in pain as the Skeetas' Stingers pierced his flesh. Ludwig's Cherub Servitors joined the fray with one succumbing to the Skeetas toxins before the Cawdor finished them off.

The party left the 'safety' of the Stronghold to continue their search. Without warning the party was assailed by Hive Mites, Sump Slugs and a Tunnel-Web. Coyote Red charged into the Tunnel-Web Spider, plunging his Power Knife into it and spitting on the creature's lifeless body.
Ironhide discovered a Cherub Servitor that had belonged to Abel Cankerson. As soon as he activated it the strange little creature flew to Ludwig. The sight of the Cherub calmed the Cawdor's bloodlust and he realised his predicament.

Ludwig fell back towards his Orlock allies bathing the creatures in holy fire as he went. The ground beneath them trembled and the party struggled to remain standing as a Giant Millisaur burst from the ground. Ironhide charged into the beast his Arc Hammer smashing into it and stripping two wounds from the beast. The Millisaur struck back and the Arms Master took two flesh wounds in return. Coyote Red charged in to finish the creature off.
The Hive Mites closed in, but Ludwig's bloodlust had returned and in his righteous fervour he hacked and slashed a clear path through them.
"Go!" shouted Ironhide "Find your Priest. We'll take care of the rest."

The Redemptionist moved on, thankful for the time his Orlock allies afforded him. Ludwig searched frantically as the fighting echoed throughout the tunnels. A palpable sense of relief washed over him as he discovered the warmly shrouded body.

He tore away the cocoon, all the while singing his prayers to the Emperor. Cankerson smiled as he recovered from his ordeal.
"Hush Brother" croaked Cankerson. "Your singing is loud enough to wake the de..." 

...The ground burst open from another Giant Millisaur. interrupting the Cawdor leader.
The beast struck at the freshly risen leader but the blow was turned aside by the recently discover Cherub Servitor.

As the Cawdor party battled against the creature, the Orlocks came into sight. Ironhide made to move towards them but his leader placed a hand upon his shoulder. The Arms Master looked at him questioningly.
"He's found his leader." said Red "our alliance is at an end." 
The Arms Master shrugged and followed his Road Captain into the Elevator.

"Gather the rest of the gang" said the Orlock Road Captain as the Elevator ascended. 
"It's time to claim this place as our own."

Until next time....May the Hive Spirits watch over you....😉


  1. Typical arrogant orlocks! They are the one type of vermin the brotherhood of the flame will never tolerate in this Emperor blessed dome.