Tuesday 26 November 2019

The Black Legacy (Part IV) - The Laboratory

Dragosani watched as the Voodoo Dolls moved out to secure the perimeter of the compound. Despite the Escher gang's reputation for dabbling in alchemical technologies and pharmaceuticals, the gang had shown little interest in the Inquisitor's prize.
"And if it stays that way they might just get out of this venture alive." said Jared flashing the Inquisitor a smile.
Dragosani scowled at his Interrogator "If you direct your talents towards the task at hand instead of eavesdropping on my thoughts. then perhaps they might at that."
Jared offered up a rueful grin and an apologetic shrug by way of reply. He had every confidence in the Voodoo Dolls holding the line, he was more concerned about what awaited them in the Laboratory...

Bolstered by a deadly Genestealer, the Kindred deployed as far forward as possible ready to put the intruders under pressure.

The Voodoo Dolls also deployed as far forward as possible, leaving the Inquisitor and his entourage to the Laboratory.

The Laboratory was far from defenceless however.

The Inquisitor and his entourage moved towards the Laboratory.

As the Voodoo Dolls spread out to secure the compound Inquisitor Dragosani twitched and spasmed as an insidious alien presence clawed at his mind. The Inquisitor clenched his jaw in determination as his hand slowly raised it's weapon and blasted away at Sumpsnake Sully. Dragosani's determination paid off and the shot flew wide at the last minute hitting Sully's pet snake Erzili causing it serious injury.

The Kindred hurtled towards the compound eager to get to grips with the intruders...

...while an eagle-eyed Neophyte took Calypso out of action with his hotshot Lasgun.

As the Kindred closed in on the compound, Sumpsnake Sully opened the side door allowing her sisters to pepper the Acolyte Deimos. Despite the Acolyte's familiar preventing serious injury, Deimos and his familiar took a flesh wound from the fusillade.

Bleeding out, the Acolyte levelled his Plasma gun at the Escher Juve Cinders. Searing plasma engulfed her and the Escher leader Brigitte and both suffered flesh wounds.

Cinders quickly recovered and doused the Kindred's Acolyte in flames, stripping another wound from him.

A Neophyte rushed to his aid. He levelled his Bolter at the juve but the shots flew wide.

The Inquisitor picked the lock in the laboratory and Sergeant Bronn charged the Aberrant waiting behind the door. The Stormtrooper inflicted two flesh wounds on the beast and expertly parried the returning blows from the abomination.

Once again the Cult Adept invaded the Inquisitor's mind and the Dragosani looked on in horror as he raised his weapon and blasted his Stormtrooper bodyguard in the back

It all proved too much for the Sergeant and he fled from the conflict to leave the Inquisitor to fight on alone.

Dragosani plunged his power sword into the Aberrant but before he could perform a Coup de Grace another Abomination smashed into him, taking the Inquisitor out of action.

The Kindred piled on more pressure, a Neophyte opened the door leading to the compound....

The Escher gang's Ambot charged the Aberrant taking it out of action and relieving some of the pressure.

Kimmy targeted the Neophyte that had opened the door, seriously injuring him with her Longlas.

The cold, calculating cunning of the Kindred was revealed as the Genestealer charged into the Ambot, ripping it apart with its lethal talons.

Preacher moved into the doorway of the Laboratory and cast his divine light upon the abominations before him. His Neural Flayer stopped the Aberrants in their tracks, buying himself some valuable time.

The Genestealer charged the Escher Juve, taking Cinders out of action with ease.

Sumpsnake Sully and her pet snake charged the Genestealer. The ganger stripped a wound from the foul xenos and the snake lashed out distracting the abomination sufficiently enough to avoid the return attacks.

A Bolter armed Neophyte blasted away at the prone Escher leader, reducing her to one wound.

The Cult Alpha made himself known, blasting the Escher's Rogue Doc from his feet and pinning him. The noise echoing across Prospector's Folly disturbed a swarm of Rats and they scurried towards the commotion eager to claim an easy meal.

The Genestealer focused its attacks solely on Sumpsnake Sully this time and took the ganger out of action. Brigitte jumped to her feet and opened fire with her Bolter on the Genestealer, stripping another wound from it and more importantly pinning the thing.

Sergeant Bronn horrified at the loss of his Inquisitor regrouped and charged back into the fray against the Aberrants. With the help of Preacher and the Interrogator Jared Blaine, they took one of the Aberrants out of action.

As the Rats closed in on the compound a zealot Neophyte closed the door to protect his brothers.

The Cult Alpha spotted the Interrogator Jared and took him out of action with his Longlas.

Kimmy spotted the Kindred's Rogue Doc Fellon Black, the man who had got them into all this trouble, and took aim with her Longlas. The shot dropped him, leaving him bleeding out on the floor seriously injured.

More critters were disturbed by the gun fire and several swarms of Skeetas emerged from their nests, fortunately they were quite a distance from the gangs....for now. Brigitte charged the Genestealer and the Escher leader plunged her Stiletto sword into the foul xenos taking it out of action!

The Escher's Rocue Doc charge the Kindred's seriously injured Fellon Black and took him out of action.

Both gangs had very little left and both gangs failed their bottle tests.

The Escher Rogue Doc was the only gang member not to leg it for the Escher and he promptly hid.

Of course the Inquisitor's retinue and the Kindreds allies were immune to bottle tests. Sergeant Bronn and the Aberrant continued their battle and just as the Stormtrooper was knocked to the ground....

....Preacher stepped in to take the Aberrant down!

The Neophyte who had closed the door to protect his kin was attacked by two rat swarms and taken out of action.

Preacher over-rode the control locks and moved closer to their prize.

The cult Adept Malakhi opened the door and set his familiar onto Preacher. The familiar failed to harm the Interrogator and Preacher screamed in frustration as the foul thing dodged his every blow.

The Cult Adept joined the fight with both sides inflicting flesh wounds but neither succumbing to their injuries.

The final Neophyte was taken out by another rat swarm....

....and both Skeetas and Rats swarmed along the corridors.

Preacher and Sergeant Bronn attacked their xenos infested adversaries, both of them downed the Cult Adept's and Cult Alpha's familiars to finally strip them of their save...

....but Malakhi and Theron were formidable foes in their own right. Preacher fell first and despite the heroic efforts of Sergeant Bronn, he finally succumbed to his injuries. Leaving the specimen in the Kindred's hands....just.

Fellon Black laid his hand upon the glass that housed the specimen and stared into its all knowing eyes. To think he had once worried that such a creature could be dangerous if not handled correctly. What a weak and timid fool he had been. Fortunately the Kindred had shown him the truth and now the Kindred would show all of Necromunda just how wonderful that truth was.
"We are ready Doctor, the last of the serum is loaded into the crate and we must leave before that meddlesome Inquisitor returns." Said Theron.
"We're just going to leave the specimen here?" Asked Fellon.
"It is merely an empty shell now Doctor. We have all we need here." he said patting the crate and its precious contents.
"Once we clear Prospector's Folly, we can distribute the serum throughout Rockridge."
"It seems foolish...even disrespectful to leave the specimen here though." mused Fellon.
"On the contrary my good doctor, leaving the specimen here is its final gift to us." replied Theron with a smile.
"The Inquisition will think they have finally destroyed the threat when they find it."
"While we spread the truth throughout the Hive!" grinned Fellon.


  1. To say that this is awesome would be such an understatement. :O
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    1. Thanks Diner, glad to see you're enjoying it 😁

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  2. That was just brutal! With just one model left on the board and the intruders mere footsteps away from their goal both gangs will be hard pushed in the next chapter.

    1. We certainly seem to have the balance right, every he is turning into a nail-biting affair 😁

  3. You leave me speechless: it's all magnificent, you have really captured the essence of Necromunda! Thumbs up for everything!

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  4. Always loving reading back through your battle report turned into fiction.

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