Sunday 2 June 2019

Herald News - A Cycle of Prejudice

The Rockridge Herald

A cycle of intolerance sweeps through Rockridge.

A dispute between the Marionettes and the Kindred of the Dawn Shadow erupted last cycle in the recently unearthed region of Greyspore Choke.
Witnesses report that the Kindred were in the process of erecting a temple to the Four Armed Emperor and the Marionettes took this as a slight to their Omnissiah. 

The Mechnicum Explorators had already completed an extensive survey of the Choke's needle ways and made great use of them during their attack.

Despite the Kindred stepping up security measures during construction....

.....the Marionettes moved into position with relative ease

The sentries were quickly neutralised by the Puppet Master with his Rad-Cannon.

While the remainder were quickly dispatched by the rest of the Marionettes gang. 

Allowing them to tear down the effigy and giving them control of Greyspore Choke and its Needle Ways.

Continued on page 2....

The Clean-up Crew mess up their attempt to sweep away the Voodoo Dolls.

The cycle of intolerance continued when the Clean-up Crew of House Goliath attempted to defile the Voodoo Dolls' relic in Rusted Bluff.
A much reduced Goliath gang confronted the Escher gang in an attempt to claim the territory and belittle the Voodoo dolls. 

The Goliaths unusual use of stealth to sneak up on the Dolls' position and catch them unawares took the Escher gang by surprise.

And was carefully coordinated to coincide with the Sump Slug migration that was plaguing the territory.

The Clean-up Crew  closed in on the Escher Relic, blindsiding the Dolls' sentries.

The Escher gang proved far more resilient than the Clean-up Crew bargained for and after a brief skirmish the Goliaths fled, leaving the Voodoo Dolls firmly in control of Rusted Bluff and its Promethium Cache.

As the Cycle of Prejudice came to a close, two more territories have been claimed in Rockridge's expansion. 
The Marionettes now control Whispering Crags, Greyspore Choke and the settlement of Cruelwater and have a healthy Reputation of 6.

The Voodoo Dolls have claimed Rusted Bluff, Tumbledown Rise and the Settlement of Stranglevine Creek. Their Reputation of 3 belies their success but at the time of going to press the Voodoo Dolls' wealth is unsurpassed.

The Kindred of the Dawn Shadow are quickly discovering how hard life can be in the Undrehive and they have still to gain any influence outside of their settlement of Grubbers' Heights. They're slowly gaining reputation though (2) and their physical stamina from working in the mines has proven its worth as the gang is still at full strength.

The Clean-up Crew have taken a beating. Not only have two gangers been killed but sources close to the gang have expressed growing concern about the whereabouts of their champion Dexter. The gang's reputation has taken a turn for the worse (1)and they have retreated to their settlement of Pumphouse.

Authorities are at a loss to explain what brought about the Cycle of Prejudice but the Herald has learned that an up and coming preacher by the name of Abel Cankerson has been spreading the word of the Emperor throughout Rockridge lately. A representative of House Cawdor has denied that there is any connection between his sermons and the recent religious intolerance stating that "Abel Cankerson is a humble and pious servant of the Emperor who only promotes the word of Him on Earth."
His populist views appear to have taken root with some of Rockridge's inhabitants as his following has grown significantly.  

Rest assured the Herald will continue to keep our readers up to date with any further developments. 


  1. Lord Adiatun Varunn2 June 2019 at 12:43

    Great newspaper articles! And then there are those who say that the press is dead or biased!:-)

    1. The Rockridge Herald prides its self on on filtering out the alternative facts and fake news :-)

  2. Goliaths using stealth? Inconceivable!

    Glad to see the Voodoo Dolls holding their own, a bit bummed at the Kindred getting beat up, and that Cauldron of Blood-based Icon/Temple conversion is awesome!

    1. The Goliaths have been hit so hard that they're having to use every trick in the book....unfortunately for them, reading isn't their strongest point.

      The GSC have a steep learning curve, but Rob is starting to get the hang of them now and their background has a rich narrative seam for us to mine once we have claimed all of the territories.

      The Cauldron of Blood temple was originally built as a relic for the Haemonculi gang I planned on building, but they're so far off being started that I thought it would be useful for gangs to place their totem on the dais to give them a bit more was a fun bit of scenery built over a rainy weekend and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of it in the future ;-)

  3. Ouch! The crew are well on the back foot having lost over 400 creds worth of their gang, the odds realy are against them .... but in rockridge anything can happen and I for one wouldn't bet against the janitor. As for the kindred... just minding their own business peacefully preparing the way for the second coming of the four armed emperor....looks like they will have to reinforce the poignancy of their sermons with lead next time!

  4. As ever I am loving these reports. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is all awesome but I am stealing the based Cauldron of Blood idea for Shadows of Commorragh!

    1. Thank you...amd steal away my friend 😉

    2. Thanks mate! My version is here:

    3. Blimey mate, you're knocking Low Commorragh out of the park!