Wednesday 25 October 2017


Greetings brothers,

A new face to Gary's excellent blog!

I'm very proud and excited to have been asked to contribute to the blog so before I start bamboozling you with my wit, wisdom and other things beginning with W I figured I'd introduce myself.

Real name is Alex West and I've been playing 40k for about 22 years now.

I'm a member of the Cold Steel Mercs and a long time player of Space Wolves. Since they went all icey wolfy mc ice freeze wolf my interest in them has faded (I prefer the heresy executioners background personally) and the twisted side of my personality is drawn inexplicably to the Night Lords.

I'm finishing off my wolves at the moment to make them usable in 8th edition, until they get a new codex anyway, and then I'll be indulging my dark side with the Night Lords.

So I'm a mix of loyalist and chaos really!

I'm also helping organise our new range of tournaments geared towards players who prefer a tactical challenge instead of looking over the table and thinking 'Oh I've won!' or 'I may as well go to the bar'.

Shameless plug:

I'll share more in the future but thought I'd pop in to say hello and remember...

The night is dark and full of terrors, we have come for you!



  1. Howdy! I look forward to seeing what you bring to the blog.

    Coincidentally, my real name is Alexis West ;)

  2. Welcome on board mate.
    Contrary to popular opinion, the Chaos part of Castigator's Chaos is supposed to represent my eclectic hobby nature rather than just being interested in playing the bad guys, so please don't just limit yourself to Chaos, your wonderful pups should be shared with everyone ;-)
    I am looking forward to seeing your Night Lords though, they've been my favourite Legion for a long time (It's all Aaron Dembski-Bowdon's fault!) and hopefully it will inspire me to pick up a brush.

  3. Looking forward to seeing either of your armies. Not a fan of how they went with the Space Wolves either to be honest.

    Still haven't read ADBs Night Lord books but they must be good to inspire so many people.

  4. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing what you will be posting about in the future. Thanks for the link to the event, will have a serious think about attending!

  5. Thanks for the warm welcome guys :)

    I'll share some of my pups as well then. Although secretly I can't wait to let the dark twisted side of me take over and get stuck into my Night Lords for next 'season'.

    You should read the books Rory, they're brilliant.

    Hope to see you at the event Michael!

  6. About time you got going with your Night Lords, looking forward to seeing them (on the wrong end of a chain axe...).

  7. Hello Alex, and welcome. My brother has also collected Space Wolves on and off over the last 20 years or so but given their contemporary descent into farcical hairiness, has been musing about retiring them and moving on to Tau instead. I have mixed feelings about this because the blue boys are far easier to trounce in melee, but their shooting is an order of magnitude beyond what the Kakophoni can put out on a good gig day. Anyway, it's great to hear from you and we look forward to more news about your tabletop exploits. Cheers, Jose.

  8. Lord Adiatun Varunn11 November 2017 at 07:57

    Very late, but I'll do my best wishes for your blog's landing. The fact that you even loyalists ... Nobody's perfect:-) I think we all have more than an army and we swing between Chaos and Imperium:-) or Xenos...