Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Fire Raptor - WIP II

I managed to get some work done on a wing today, and I'm pretty pleased with the overall effect. I've resisted gluing the wing on for now as there is still plenty of detail to add to it.

I'm getting perilously close to running out of Imperial Purple, hopefully I'll have enough to finish this, but just to be on the safe side I'll be leaving the Gun Turrets until last....they may have to be painted in Gun Metal until I can find a similar colour to GW's old paint. If anybody knows anything similar in shade, please let me know.

I'm really starting to get a feel for it now, unfortunately I'm working 12 hour shifts for the next 7 days......typical, so they'll be no update on this until next week. With a bit of luck I might have time to post up a battle report between my Castigators and Neil's Khorne Daemonkin.

Until next time....May Our Lady grant you her number ;-)


  1. looking great as always brother

  2. Cheers Brother. Now stop playing Warcraft and get back to your Chaos Knight ;-)

  3. Fantastic work, as before, the flames are awesome...and the reverse flames...just bad ass!

    1. Cheers Greg.
      Now that I have painted a wing it has rejuvenated my interest in it. I can see how it's going to come together now, so hopefully next week I'll be raring to work on it again....hopefully ;-)

  4. Those lady flames are awesome. Is that a template for an airbrush?

  5. Cheers Ambit. They're just painted freehand with a brush, my airbrush skills are just about good enough for priming ;-)

  6. One word FLAWLESS mate. Still think flames would have looked better done in green stuff.

  7. I have started doing the flames with green stuff on my storm eagle what was a pain to build. I'm doing the same as I have with my tanks screaming souls in the flames. I understand you want to keep the sleek over all look of the raptor but a Fin layer of green stuff makes the flames really stand out. Still looks cool and not flawed in anyway to join the ranks of my flawless host army the true chosen of sadness. ��

  8. Slaanesh) not sadness😉 any plans at all to do any green stuff work on the raptors hull? When you compare it to your tanks and walkers it still looks and feels still loyal. Needs some castigator's seductive touch I think mate😉