Saturday, 15 June 2019

Necromunda Terrain Tile 9 - The Mine Shaft

Greetings sinners!
I've been busy working on our terrain just lately. Most of it has been free standing pieces ranging from coolant towers to walkways and scatter terrain. I finally got around to finishing off the old mine works that I started 18 months ago.

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Herald News - A Cycle of Prejudice

The Rockridge Herald

A cycle of intolerance sweeps through Rockridge.

A dispute between the Marionettes and the Kindred of the Dawn Shadow erupted last cycle in the recently unearthed region of Greyspore Choke.
Witnesses report that the Kindred were in the process of erecting a temple to the Four Armed Emperor and the Marionettes took this as a slight to their Omnissiah. 

The Mechnicum Explorators had already completed an extensive survey of the Choke's needle ways and made great use of them during their attack.

Despite the Kindred stepping up security measures during construction....

.....the Marionettes moved into position with relative ease

The sentries were quickly neutralised by the Puppet Master with his Rad-Cannon.

While the remainder were quickly dispatched by the rest of the Marionettes gang. 

Allowing them to tear down the effigy and giving them control of Greyspore Choke and its Needle Ways.

Continued on page 2....

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

House Escher Ambot

Rumours that the Voodoo Dolls have taken delivery of a Luther Pattern Excavation Automata were confirmed recently when excavation work started on the border of Stranglevine Creek and Grubbers' Heights. Locals reported seeing an Ambot at all three excavation sites along the border, the Herald has discovered that the three sites are named Tom , Dick and Harry. Just what the Voodoo Dolls are digging for remains a mystery and the gang was unavailable to comment.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Uncovering more of the Underhive

Greetings Sinners!
We've both been busy beavering away on an assortment of projects for our corner of the Underhive and I thought I'd share the latest piece to be uncovered in Rockridge's expansion.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Rockridge News

The Rockridge Herald

Turf War Breaks Out At Tumbledown Rise.
 Tensions boiled over between the Voodoo Dolls and the Kindred of the Dawn Shadow last cycle. It appears that the Escher gang took exception to the miners of Grubbers' Heights constructing a smelting works to take advantage of the crags and seams of valuable slag that are prominent throughout the area. It's thought that the fracas was started by the Kindred's over-exuberance at completing the smelting works. A wild celebratory shot ricocheted from an overhead girder, hitting Maman Brigitte who was in the area protesting at the Kindred's plans to strip the natural resources from the area.
Despite the Voodoo Dolls return fire taking out several miners, the Kindred pushed forwards in a bid to protect their recent hard work. Witnesses report hearing Heavy Stubber fire from both sides echoing across the district but it appears that the only casualties seen were on the Kindred's workers. 

Continued on page 2......

Friday, 19 April 2019

Sunday, 24 March 2019

Rockridge - A Dominion Campaign

The Rockridge Herald

Hive Quakes Hit Rockridge
Hundreds of workers are feared dead as Hive Quakes tear through Rockridge. Overseers have asked residents to remain calm and that they expect all quotas will be unaffected thanks to the CSE's (Compulsory Shift Extensions). Local Authorities stated the Epicentre was in the settlement of Cruelwater and that the death toll would have been substantially higher if residents hadn't already fled the area after unconfirmed reports that Cruelwater was haunted. Witnesses reported that eight tremors proceeded the Big 'Un with one in particular stating "He ain't seen nuffin like it since the quake of '17".
Abel Cankerson, a representative of House Cawdor lent weight to these reports declaring "Him On Earth, sent eight warnings to the sinners of Rockridge but the Heretics, Mutants and Fornicators refused to heed his message!" When it was pointed out to him by our reporter that the eight tremors were less than 3 minutes apart from each other Cankerson replied "The Emperor's retribution is swift!" 

Let There Be Light
A representative of House Van Saar has confirmed rumours that Rockridge's unexplained power drain has been resolved. "Through dedication and superior Van Saar ingenuity power levels have increased by 20% and the practice of dimming the lights between shifts is now over". Declared Onia Svarde of the Deadlights Cabal. "The issue was never with the Generatorium and I would like it on record that the Krakatoa Heat Sink is as safe now as it has always been". Sources close to the Cabal have disclosed that the problem cleared up on its own after the Hive Quake hit. What ever the reason, this reporter will feel much safer practising her profession with the lights back on.

Cruelwater Spirits Rise As Ghosts Exorcised
The Clean-up Crew of House Goliath and the Voodoo Dolls of House Escher have returned from their expedition in Cruelwater. Both gangs have declared the settlement safe. A Goliath spokesman said "There's no such thing as ghosts, goblins or ghouls and anybody who says different has been drinking too much second best or is a girder licker". An Escher Ganger confirmed that "Cruelwater's migrants are safe to return to their homes and that the Hive Spirits have been appeased". Both gangs showed signs of fatigue with many of them carrying grievous wounds from their expedition. When asked how they had come by these injuries nobody was available to comment.
Since their return it has emerged that a new gang has taken up the responsibility for Cruelwater. A spokesperson for the Marionettes has guaranteed the safety of all who return to the settlement.  

+++Breaking News+++

Hive Quake Unearths New Opportunities
Prospectors have discovered several new passageways after the recent Hive Quake. Explorators, backed by the Guilders have brought in heavy equipment to facilitate the excavation and Explorators have already confirmed the discovery of several intact Domes. The Herald has been asked to convey to all citizens of Rockridge that the Luther Pattern Excavation Automata belong to the Guilders and that anybody caught attempting to steal or tamper with them will be shot on sight.  

Business is booming in Rockridge and Herald has learned that four of the local gangs have already offered to help expand the district's fortunes.

The Voodoo Dolls of Stranglevine Creek.
The Clean-up Crew from Pumphouse.
The Kindred of the Dawn  Shadow from Grubbers' Heights.
The Marionettes from Cruelwater.
Despite their reluctance to hog the limelight, the Herald would like to take the opportunity to thank our benefactors for their selfless task.

Rockridge's Mayor, Ichabod Lickspittle has welcomed this unexpected turn of events.
"Rockridge now offers equal opportunity for all".
He then went on to explain that reports of him saying "The Hive Quake is the best damned thing that has ever happened to this Emperor forsaken dump" were taken out of context and that his thoughts and prayers were with those who had lost loved ones.

More reports as they happen.....

Monday, 18 March 2019

The Cruelwater Chronicles (Part VIII) - Tsunami of Blood

Kaius Torq, Magos Dominus of the lost Explorator Fleet KT-632.V and declared Heretek, stood motionless on the filth-encrusted gantry overlooking Cruelwater. With his external systems powered down, Kaius was virtually invisible amongst the shadows, even the Empyreasphere had acquiesced to his need for stealth and dimmed to a barely noticeable level, not that he could have seen it anyway with his occular implants shut down to avoid giving away his position. The Puppet Master had no need for his hard-wired eyes thanks to the data-nodes scattered throughout Cruelwater connecting him to all of his creations simultaneously.
It was through these eyes that he now watched his prey take up defensive positions. The Escher and Goliaths had banded together in the hope of holding back the endless waves he would send against them. Beneath his emotionless mask, Kaius allowed himself a smile, the waves he would unleash upon them would drown them, drown them in a Tsunami of blood....

Saturday, 16 March 2019

The Voodoo Dolls of House Escher

Like most of House Escher's gangs, the Voodoo Dolls had a reputation as ostentatious, psychotic killers. Typically still, they specialised in a wide range of exotic pharmaceuticals, from gene-hancing elixirs to luxury designer drugs. Despite being well known as a supplier of Ghast, there is another relatively unknown drug that the Voodoo Dolls specialised in, a drug that would see the Voodoo Dolls rise from the Sump Swamps to reach dizzying heights within Hive Primus but ultimately one which would lead to their downfall.....Zombie.

Monday, 25 February 2019

The Cruelwater Chronicles (Part VII)- Swimming against the tide

"Enough!" Yelled Dexter over the din.
The Goliaths fell silent at their champion's command and slowly lowered their weapons. The Voodoo Dolls continued to train their Las-weapons on them, the ominous hum of their Hotshot Packs adding to the tension of the sudden silence. With no leader or champion the Escher gangers stole quick glances towards Sully for their cue.
"If we cannot work together, then not only will we all die in this stinking Sumphole, but we abandon any chance of our fallen escaping the Puppet Master's encroaching forces." Continued Dexter.
"He's right" said Sully, holstering her Autopistol. "...Which is not something you expect from a Goliath! Continue with the IED's"
The hum of the Las-Packs was replaced with laughter, with the tension broken both gangs returned to the task at hand....

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Squaduary 2019 Progress - The Marionettes

Greetings Sinners!
My pledge for Rory's Squaduary Challenge over at Stepping Between Games hasn't been going too well and to say I'm behind schedule is a bit of an understatement. Fortunately, I've managed to get in a couple of days to start the build on my Renegade Mechanicum Venator Warband for Necromunda

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The Cruelwater Chronicles (Part VI) - The Tide Turns

Moisture glistened on the scorpion's black carapace as it struggled to break free from the sump spider's web. Sully watched as the scorpion used its pincers to snip at the sticky strands holding it fast, its movement sending tremors along the gossamer threads to its owner. With each brief struggle the sump spider moved closer to its prey, stopping every time the Scorpion's frantic movements ceased. Closer and closer the sump spider moved, the scorpion's exertions masking its approach. The scorpion's movements ceased, its energy apparently spent. The spider crouched, its albino eyes scrutinising its prey, legs like coiled springs, waiting for the kill. In a sudden burst of activity the spider leapt upon its prey, its fangs struggling to puncture the scorpion's hard chitin plate. The scorpion's tail immediately lashed out sinking its venom tipped barb into its assailant. The gossamer threads gave way and both plummeted towards the sump below, locked together in their violent embrace. As they plunged into the sump, jaws snapped closed and dragged them both into the murky depths below.
Sully looked across at Brigitte, "An ill-omen." she whispered to her leader.
Brigitte shook her head, "Move out" she signalled....

Sunday, 3 February 2019

The Future of Necromunda - Specialist Games Weekender....

This weekend Forge World held their Horus Heresy Weekend, at the 11th hour they added Specialist Games to the event and held a Necromunda seminar explaining their plans for the future and what they've been working on.
I didn't attend but I've hunted around for all the juicy photos and info I could find. This is mainly so I don't forget to tell Rob about all of the cool stuff that's out there, but it's also a bit of a Mood Board to give me ideas for models and scenarios.

Friday, 1 February 2019

February is turning into a busy month

Greetings Sinners!
My HBS (Hobby Butterfly Syndrome) is once again threatening to overwhelm me and bring any progress to a standstill as I flit from one project to another.
Fortunately, there are a couple of events being run by fellow bloggers that will hopefully help me focus a little and help shoo away those flittering urges.

First up is Azael's Neglected Models challenge a great Blog (which I've embarrassingly only just discovered) that has plenty to read as well as some gloriously painted models.....I'm pretty sure he has a small army of painting daemons locked away in a hexagrammically sealed room because his work rate is somewhat prodigious to say the least!
For this Challenge I plan on finally finishing my Voodoo Dolls. I've ordered some name plates for them and I'm hoping they arrive before the end of the month. There isn't a massive amount to do on them, both champions and a Juve need a bit of work but the rest just need finishing off....having just watched this seasons climatic episode of Vikings, I'm thinking of experimenting with some war paint like this....

I'm not sure how well it will translate to a model, so I might just stick to the red eye strips that they currently have. So expect to see a full post on the Voodoo Dolls by the end of the month.

The next Challenge is from Rory's Stepping Between Games and is the Squaduary Challenge. Some of you may remember that I pledged my Voodoo Dolls to this last year and being that I've now pledged them to Azazel's challenge, I think it's fair to say I failed miserably! 😉

This time I'm pledging my Renegade Mechanicus Venator Warband. I've already painted the leader which I'm sure you'll recognise...

.....and I have a couple of Techno Cultists base coated, but everything else is still on the sprue, so for a procrastinator like me, this still represents quite a challenge (one that I'm not overly optimistic about)...But hey, if I get them built and base coated I'll be satisfied.

Of course, on top of all that I have another Cruelwater Chronicle to type up.....this penultimate episode took a seriously unexpected turn that both of us never saw coming....Our intrepid Reporter manged to obtain a pict-feed from the action....

So a busy month ahead....and if I want to achieve any of it, I better get a wiggle on....

....Until next time....may Our Lady grant you her number 😉

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

The Cruelwater Chronicles (Part V) - Sink or Swim

Janitor grimaced from the pain that racked his body as he attempted to sit up and look around the derelict manufactorum that they'd taken refuge in. Several of the Clean-Up Crew were carrying injuries and his champion Dexter was still unconscious from the pounding they had taken in the Puppet Master's Lair.
Janitor blamed himself, overconfidence had gotten the better of him. His pain was briefly overshadowed by rage at his own stupidity in thinking he had seen all that this cursed Puppet Master had to offer.
He closed his eyes and thought about what went wrong in their first foray into the Lair....

The 'Hunters' were something he hadn't encountered before and the Shock Staves they carried had inflicted two wounds before he had even engaged the abomination......

....It was only the timely intervention of his champion Sinister that had seen him survive.
From that ominous start, things had rapidly fallen apart for the Clean-Up Crew. The Puppet Master had inflicted several Flesh wounds with his Rad-Cannon and the Voodoo Dolls' had quickly taken advantage of their reduced toughness, systematically taking them out of action. The Hive Spirits had cursed them that day as the final Goliath fell, not to the Servo-Stalker, but to a swarm of rats.

It had been a grim day for the Goliaths and with three of them in recovery, Janitor had been forced to invest all of the gang's credits into another body.
Janitor's dark mood lifted as he thought about his latest recruit.
"Let's see what the Puppet Master's minions make of 'Dozer." He said as the gang moved out for a second assault on the Lair.......

Monday, 21 January 2019


Dozer was always big even by Goliath standards but his propensity for the ultra-violence was sorely lacking until the Janitor fixed him with a combat skull chip. Now he revels in the brawl abandoning ranged weapons in favour of reaching out and touching his opponents. Not many can go toe to to with the 'Dozer especially when he flips his stim rig up to level four. 

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

The Puppet Master

Greetings Sinners.....and Happy New Year to you all.
I was hoping to get a fair bit of painting in over the Christmas period but as some of you may know I only paint using daylight and the good 'ol British weather has seen fit to grant me very little of that over the past couple of weeks.....roll on Ostara!
I have however, managed to get our adversary in the Cruelwater Chronicles painted up and ready for action. So here he is: Renegade Dominus Kaius Torq....better known to the inhabitants of Rockridge as the Puppet Master.