Tuesday, 1 January 2019

The Puppet Master

Greetings Sinners.....and Happy New Year to you all.
I was hoping to get a fair bit of painting in over the Christmas period but as some of you may know I only paint using daylight and the good 'ol British weather has seen fit to grant me very little of that over the past couple of weeks.....roll on Ostara!
I have however, managed to get our adversary in the Cruelwater Chronicles painted up and ready for action. So here he is: Renegade Dominus Kaius Torq....better known to the inhabitants of Rockridge as the Puppet Master.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

The Cruelwater Chronicles (Part IV) - Still Water Runs Deep

Janitor watched as the Clean-Up Crew readied their weapons for the ordeal to come. Sinister sporadically revved his chainsword, his jaw clenching each time he activated the weapon. Janitor's other champion, Dexter, checked his grenade launcher for the fifth time. The rest of the Crew went through various rituals to distract themselves from the tension they felt for the coming fight.
"Listen up lads." Bellowed Janitor. "We've already seen what this Puppet Master has.....a bunch of re-purposed Servitors and some lobotomised locals....if that's all he's got, he's already as good as dead."
He looked each member of his gang in the eye as he spoke.
"Now let's do what we do best and clean up this place!"

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Meanwhile back at Grubber's Heights....

News has just reached us from our roving reporter that the workers of Grubber's Heights have formed their own militia to protect their families and their interests in these perilous times.
The absence of the Clean-Up Crew and the Voodoo Dolls has created something of a power vacuum throughout Rockridge. This has led to a dramatic increase in reported attacks and robberies, especially around Grubber's Heights.
"Since they formed the Militia, people have begun to feel safe again." Said one local "Although they do seem to be a bit peculiar, not drinking an' all, they seem to be good-natured folk, even offering shelter to some unfortunate Muties."

 Our reporter tried to get an interview with their enigmatic Leader but unfortunately he was at prayer for the Four Armed Emperor.
So a humble and pious group as well as charitable and law abiding. Grubber's Heights has never been in such safe hands!

Sunday, 25 November 2018

The Cruelwater Chronicles (Part III) - Deep Water

The monitor flickered as the Servo-Skull rose above the settlement to give him a commanding view of the area. Acknowledgement codes flashed briefly across the screen from his Servo-Stalkers as they came into view but otherwise they stood motionless, like long forgotten grotesques guarding an ancient and crumbling mausoleum...which, if everything went according to plan, is exactly what Clearwater would be for the Clean-Up Crew and the Voodoo Dolls.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

The Cruelwater Chronicles (Part II) - Troubled Waters

Built around the sluice gates and locks of the sump swamp, Cruelwater had never been a large settlement but its position on one of Rockridge's trade routes ensured it had always been a vibrant and bustling place. The numerous drinking and narco dens vying for prominence welcomed all with enough creds to make use of them.
That welcome seemed in short supply as Janitor and the rest of the Clean-Up Crew moved through the place. The neon lights that once bathed the settlement with bright lurid colours were gone, replaced by skeletal filaments that haunted the darkness they now inhabited. Furtive eyes peered out of the gloom watching the gang's every move, quickly retreating into the shadows when a Goliath made to approach them. A pall of fear hung heavy over Cruelwater, suffocating what little life remained.
The Goliaths didn't know who or what had brought about this malaise......but they were determined to find out....

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The Cruelwater Chronicles- Something Fishy in Cruelwater.

Greetings Sinners!
Quite a few people have messaged me asking about the rules I've come up with for my Underhive Gribblies. So I thought I'd share them with all the Mundaphiles out there.

Saturday, 20 October 2018


Greetings Sinners!
Remember how I said I was hoping to get the rest of my Escher gang painted this week? Well you know what I'm like, I suddenly had an urge to populate our little area of the Underhive with some Gribblies. So the last couple of days have been spent painting up some critters for our next adventure in Rockridge.