Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Squaduary 2018......Ganguary progress & 'Munda Madness!

Greetings Sinners!
Work has continued at a steady pace this week getting the gang together.....despite spending most of the weekend gleaming plenty of titbits from the Necromunda Weekender.....

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Doubles Update - pics!

I was very aware that yesterdays post was rushed. At the same time as writing it, I was trying to write a new list based on the new codex. I posted the list yesterday and I thought you might like to see some photographs.

Tempus Fugitnil Daemon Prince

Aspiring Sorcerer leads his Warpflamer squad
Aspiring Sorcerer points out a target for
 Inferno bolter attention

A squad of enthusiastic but hopelessly outclassed cultists


Scarab Occult Terminators - armed to the teeth with everything.

This is the view of the Terminators that I am most use to as they fearlessly engage the enemy

Friday, 2 February 2018

GW Throne of Skulls Doubles

A few days ago this was 1000 points of Thousand Sons....then there was a new codex

With just ten days to go my Thousand Sons army is about to undergo a change. Why so? I hear you ask. Simple. A new codex drops in three days and new vistas of opportunity open up to the sons of Magnus.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Squaduary 2018

Greetings Sinners!

My grand plan to focus exclusively on my terrain tiles lasted all of three days....oops!
It isn't my fault...no really it isn't! You can blame it firmly on Rory at Stepping Between Games . I was casually browsing through my Blog list and stumbled across this article .....Okay, maybe I did say I was going to cut back on my Blog reading but hey, the servants of the Dark Prince have always been a capricious lot ;-) .
The idea is straightforward enough, build and paint a squad in February. Of course, it's never that straight forward: Which army? Which squad? Which system?

Monday, 29 January 2018

Terrain Tile 3 - The Little Sister

Greetings Sinners!

40k has taken something of a backseat for me just lately, but I'm still busy beavering away on my terrain tiles and I thought I'd share my latest tile with you good people.
I'm still enjoying the hobby side of things thanks to the new Necromunda/Shadow Wars. Both games have really captured my imagination and appeal to my narrative nature much more than 8th edition has. Naturally, this has led to even more procrastination as I juggle between learning new rules, building and painting terrain tiles, working on my Escher gang (the Voodoo Dolls) and immersing myself in the many cool blogs that lean towards the narrative aspects of the hobby rather than the competitive side of things.....

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Night Lords list: Version I

Hola fellow creatures of the night!

I've put together a first draft of my Night Lords list that I can build towards.

I'm not expecting to pull up trees but it would be nice to win a game or two at an event.

Here it is in all its glory:

Chaos Lord with Jump Pack, Claws of the Black Hunt, Night Haunters Curse

Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armour with Force Axe and Combi-Melta

Winged Daemon Prince

5 Chaos Marines with Missile Launcher

5 Chaos Marines with Missile Launcher

10 Cultists

5 Raptors with 2 Melta Guns, Lightning Claws on the leader and an Icon of Despair

5 Raptors with 2 Melta Guns, Lightning Claws on the leader and an Icon of Despair

5 Warp Talons

5 Terminators, 4 with Combi-Plasmas, 1 Autocannon and all have Power Axes

10 Chosen with 5 Plasma Guns and an Icon of Vengeance


5 Havocs with 4 Missile Launchers

Hellbrute with Twin Lascannons and a Missile Launcher

This leaves me with 100 points which I'm not sure what to do with.

During a game I played against Iain his spawn gave me a nasty shock when they charged Logan. I didn't realise they did a flat 2 damage which each wound.

So I may take 3 of those but I'm open to other suggestions!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

We have come for you...

Now that the CSM event is done and dusted I've got some time to work on my Night Lords.

I've assembled some bits and bobs, namely a Lord, Sorcerer, Hellbrute, 2 x 5 Marines and 5 Raptors which you can see further down this post but as tonight is geek night I wanted to test out the paint scheme I had in mind. 

Without further ado here it is:

I'm not the best photographer and these were taken just to give an idea of the feel of the army but hopefully you get the gist. 

Here are the rest of the boys awaiting a lick of paint...

Lord with Jump Pack and claws of the hunt:

Some of the raptors:

Sorcerer lord in terminator armour:

Marine Squad 1:

I've got a pretty quick colour scheme so I should be able to crank these guys out pretty fast (for me!).

I'll be back soon with my first draft of a list for you all to have a good laugh at! :)