Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Breaking Herald News! Perpetual Campaign Medic.

The Rockridge Herald

Miners dig deep to help Rockridge.

A spokesman for the mining syndicate of Grubbers' Heights has asked the Herald to issue the following statement:

"The Kindred of the Dawn Shadow would like to share their recent good fortune by offering free health care to all inhabitants of Rockridge. At the beginning of each night cycle the Miner's Chirurgeon will open his doors to those in dire need of medical care. The Kindred believe that health and prosperity should be available to all and hope that this service will go some small way to helping the inhabitants of Rockridge achieve that."

The Herald applauds the Kindred of the Dawn Shadow and thanks them for this philanthropic gesture.

Greetings Workers!
Rob has been busy with his Necromunda Genestealer Cult and has recently finished his Rogue Doc for them. I'm sure you'll agree with me that Rob has done a fantastic job on the Biophagus.
Inspired by this wonderful model, an idea formed about how we could make the most of his unique abilities and introduce them into our Perpetual Rockridge Campaign.

The Dominion Campaign that we're playing is more of a loose Perpetual campaign than a strictly adhered to Dominion campaign.
What I mean by Perpetual Campaign is that instead of playing through a set number of territories and then the campaign coming a close, our campaign will be open-ended with no set victory conditions. This allows us to build up Rockridge's history and add more antagonists to our games and suits our gaming philosophy that 40k is journey and not a destination 😉

Of course, perpetual campaigns can bring up a number of issues like gangs becoming too powerful or characters dying and never coming back!
White Dwarf recently published some rules to help balance out gang ratings and stop powerful gangs dominating games with House Patronage Benefits. These range from additional Tactics Cards to hiring Bounty Hunters and Hive Scum to make up the difference between gangs.
However, as most 'Munda players will know, the death of a treasured fighter is quite a traumatic event (you really do become quite attached to your gang) and having to build and paint a replacement model can be too time consuming if you have other projects on the go (like terrain, another gang, Guild reps, Bounty Hunters, Mutants, Zombies....well, you get the idea). In a regular campaign it isn't too bad, you can simply bring them back when you start another campaign and all is well, but in a perpetual campaign with no end, they're simply gone forever.
To overcome this problem, I've come up with some rules for a perpetual campaign Medic. This will allow us to continue to use our treasured heroes that would otherwise be consigned to the Corpse Starch factories.

Perpetual Campaign Medic
If a fighter dies during the campaign (rolls a 1 on the Medical Escort or 66 on the Lasting Injuries Table), the player may take the deceased fighter to a Genestealer Cult Biophagus. This action costs no credits but the gang loses D3 Rep for every visit.

Roll a D6:
1.  They're with the (four armed) Emperor now!
The fighter recovers but is infected with the Genestealer virus. The Fighter joins the ranks of the Genestealer Cult. The Genestealer Cult loses D6 Rep as word spreads of their 'medical care'.

2-4.  I don't care what you say, they ain't right!
The fighter lives but goes into recovery for 3 battles. Once they recover they must take a Willpower Test each time the fighter is activated. If they pass, the fighter has overcome the virus for the rest of the battle. If they fail the fighter suffers from insanity and gains an insanity marker (Necromunda Rulebook page 60.).
This condition is permanent unless they visit a Doc for later treatment.
The Genestealer Cult gains D3 Rep as word spreads of their 'medical care'.
If the fighter visits another Doc for further injuries, roll a D6 once they have been treated. On a 5-6 the Doc notices their condition and administers an anti-viral to eradicate the virus. On a 1-4 the Doc doesn't notice their condition and the fighter remains infected.

5. Where am I?
The fighter lives but goes into recovery for 3 battles. Any advances that the fighter may have acquired are lost. Once recovered the fighter rolls on the Stabilised Medical Escort table.
The Genestealer Cult gains D3 Rep as word spreads of their 'medical care'.

6. Good as new....almost.
The fighter lives but goes into recovery for 3 battles. Once recovered the fighter rolls on the Stabilised Medical Escort table.
The Genestealer Cult gains D3 Rep as word spreads of their 'medical care'.

Hopefully, the Voodoo Dolls won't have to make use of this, but if they do it should make for some interesting stories 😁

Until next time....May the Hive Spirits watch over you 😉


  1. Brilliant! (Im)pure and simple ... I think I will steal the idea for a 40k narrative that I have at stake! The more I read about the campaign, the more I see the level of wonderful involvement that You and Rob have achieved and the more I regret not having Necromunda players around ... :-(

    1. Thank you.
      I can relate to your lack of available Necromunda players. I was hoping the Cold Steel Mercs (my gaming mates) would get into it but unfortunately it wasn't really their cup of tea :(
      Fortunately, Rob likes it so we can make it work for us despite there only being the two of us :)

  2. Nice work buddy! I like this a lot ......I'm sure the goliaths will be procuring his services soon.

    1. The Kindred will have an enviable reputation at the rate we're going through gangers ;-)

  3. Great work with the new rules Gary, I'm sure they'll prove really effective.
    Rob's done a top job with his Rogue Doc and I think so much of the new GSC range look brilliant whilst also offering a myriad of conversion opportunities especially for Munda.

    1. Cheers buddy.
      I think the GSC models are some of the best models GW have ever made....I have some of their bikers and a Ridgerunner for when our gangers venture into the Ash Wastes 😉

  4. The Model looks great! But I think I'll stick with my Medicaid clinic anyhow ;)

    1. Pah! There's just no pleasing some people, it's the finest medical care this side of the wall...honest ;)

  5. That is awesome! I really like the fluff and the chart - Good stuff, man!

    1. Thanks buddy.
      Rob has done a great job on the model, so it seemed fitting to have him make some impact on our games.

  6. Great idea for a campaign setting. Will there be a clinic interior with an examination table that includes an ovipositor limb amidst the many servo medical arms?

    1. that you've mentioned the idea it would be rude not to ;-)
      Thanks for commenting and thank you for wonderful idea.