Sunday, 5 March 2017

Red Scorpions 4th Battle Company

Hi all,

I thought all week about what my first proper post should be and despite a lot of to-ing and fro-ing I couldn't shake the notion that I should introduce my first and main love in 40k. So, without further ado, here's some Red Scorpions.......

For those who aren't familiar with the Scorps, they're a Forgeworld creation and a chapter of the Badab Wars. They have quite a lot of FW history, being currently involved in three campaign books - the Anphelion project and books 1 and 2 of the Siege of Vraks. There's another book on the way, the Fires of Cyraxes, due for release later this year. Rumour has it that this new book will see a major shake up in the Scorps fluff, we'll see.

The 4th Battle company plus support elements are currently campaigning on the desert world of Vesok II in Segmentum Obscura, known locally as Pellas' World after the Knightly house who have had custodianship of the planet since chaos forces withdrew during the Scouring. During the centuries since there have been several chaos raids, from small incursions to full scale invasions. No obvious reason for the attentions of the ruinous powers are known. Speculation ranges from the planets orbit taking it across a safe warp corridor twice per stellar rotation, the recovery of artefacts left behind since the heresy,  vengeance on House Pellas for their victory which finally banished chaos forces from their world after the scouring or simple random chance. After all, chaos is fickle.

The most recent chaos landing has seen a large force of traitor marines dedicated to the blood god ravaging settlements, cities and industrial complexes. In some instances the bloodshed has been so great warp entities have been seen to manifest themselves, only to increase the slaughter. With bloodshed and carnage increasing, and the struggle of House Pellas to defend their holdings, Baron Abram, the current head of House Pellas, swallowed his pride and called for support from whoever heard.

Under the leadership of Commander Varn (Red Scorpions command structure uses the title of Commander for those in charge of companies, with the chapter master having the honorific Lord High Commander), 4th company has been successful in their defence of the more important of House Pellas' holdings. This first phase, keeping the enemy away from centres of industry an population, is coming to its conclusion. Despite sometimes overwhelming ferocity from the enemy, Commander Varn knows that the time is soon to come when he must take the fight to the enemy. He is honoured to carry Venom, one of the legendary chapter relics known as Tears of the Scorpion.

Commander Varn was only recently elected to leadership of the 4th. Although his service and experience in the chapter is long and glorious he must rely on the wise counsel of Chaplain Tedan, assigned to the 4th from Reclusiam command for 26 standard years and a chapter brother for 183 terran years. As a revered spiritual leader Chaplain Tedan has some leeway in his choice of wargear. He holds a nostalgic, some would say eccentric attachment to the bolt pistol he was first issued as a novice scout. He insists the machine spirit of the weapon remembers it's link with his armour and as a result his accuracy is improved.

Company command is completed by Commander Varn's command squad. Veteran brother Torgau carries the company banner, who's motto challenges the enemy to combat. Honoured Veteran brother Amman is keeper of the companies purity, required to uphold it's genetic standards and to recover the chapters due when a brother falls. Veteran brother Hargad is the company's most accomplished swordsman and as such upholds Commander Varn's honour in matters of challenges to his authority and ability. Veteran brothers Turam and Vexis protect the command group from all manner of risk, armed with melta guns in order to deal with any foe.

That's it for company command. Next time the companies primary strength, it's tactical, assault and devastator squads.

I hope you appreciate what I've shown so far, I've enjoyed writing it. 

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  1. Nice models'll have to give me the recipe for their paint scheme so that I can add them to the Castigators' trophy racks ;-)

  2. Wait 'til I get to the Berillia Massacre.

  3. Lord Adiatun Varunn6 March 2017 at 06:14

    Beautiful miniatures! A clean style (which I would never ever able to replicate for sure, trust me:-) ) perfect for the Red Scorpions! All my compliments!

  4. Thanks. It's a style that's kind of grown over the years (25+) into something I'm happy with. I'm so familiar with the Scorps colour scheme I can paint stuff quite quickly, hence the size of my collection.

  5. Nice paint job pal! Love the chaplain its one of my favourite chaplain miniatures:)

  6. Ta. It's the best of the old metal chaplains in my (not so) humble opinion, although the Terminator version is pretty dang sweet as well (not the recent abomination though).

    1. Yeah got to agree with you on the older metal terminator version is better. Not so keen myself on the new version. Maybe because we have been doing it so long we are set in are ways lol:)