Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Terrain Tile 5 - Sump Swamp

"Stranglevine Creek ya say?
Ya don't wanna find yourself down there, lessen ya got an invite from Maman Brigitte herself. Those Voodoo Dolls don't take too kindly to strangers, no Siree!
But hey, ya seem a likeable enough fella, maybe Brigitte will take a shine to ya.
Carefully does it though, such a purty mouth like that an' she might like ya too much.....and if that happens, well......ya ain't never coming back!

Greetings Sinners!
After soaking up the ambience created with my Mood Board, I've been feverishly creating my first Sump Swamp tile for my Voodoo Dolls gang.

The entire tile has been something of an experiment using techniques and products that are new to me. One such experiment was the algae effect which has turned out rather well.....even if I do say so myself 😉
This was created using Liquitex acrylic paste mixed with tea leaves, dried thyme, dried coriander and sand. The acrylic paste sets solid but is flexible so it won't crack.

GW's Creeping Vines were added to the sunken building. These are incredibly flexible and were painted on the sprue and then clipped them off. I bent them every which way when attaching them and the paint never cracked or came off.

The Spanish Moss was simply a cotton wool ball pulled apart on dunked in PVA glue with green paint added. I draped it on to the structure and then teased it to hang down.

The water effect is clear resin with a very small amount of green paint added to it to give that murky, stagnant feel to it......it's a bit of a bugger to photograph (especially when all I have is a mobile phone camera) but hopefully it conveys the derelict, forgotten backwater feel that I was looking for

Not all of my experimentation proved successful though. I added some ink to one of the floating barrels hoping that it would mix with the clear resin to form a cloudy effect but for some reason the resin was having none of it. Fortunately I soaked most of it up with a paper towel and filled in the hole it left with a bit more resin.

Overall though, I feel that my first experiment with bringing some flora to the Underhive has been a success.

The layout has been designed so that models can move across it from one side......

....to the other with relative ease.

All of the gaps between the building and the Hive floor are less than an inch so there are no issues for models climbing all over it.....

.....although I might have to devise some rule if you are unlucky enough to find yourself falling in....Sumpkroks....Snakes.....Eels.....leeches....hmm....leeches!

The full tile......

This is the first of four tiles that I plan on creating and has been designed to connect with the other swamp tiles as well as my other terrain tiles......

Until next time......may Our Lady grant you her number! 😉


  1. I really love the water effect - it looks fantastic.

    1. Cheers chap. I was quite nervous when it came to pouring the resin but it thankfully it was straightforward enough.

  2. That looks awesome. The water effects, and all those little details, truly make that board. There's something about well done water effects that's captivating.

    Too bad on the barrel, but with what little is left there it just seems like some oil leaked out. I probably wouldn't even have thought anything of it had you not mentioned it.

    Oh, I got to play 2 learning games of Necromunda last week and it was a lot of fun. I liked how it has depth and strategy while still being a fast-paced game. I was afraid it was going to bog down with the rules, but GW did well by their specialist game, as they've done with all their specialist games lately.

    1. I mentioned the barrel just in case somebody was going to try clear resin for themselves. It doesn't seem to take to ink but seems ok with paint, I thought it would have been the other way around for some reason.
      Glad to hear that you enjoyed 'Munda, Rob and I have found the alternate activation to make for a very tactical game...it's proving to be a bit of an obstacle to doing battle reports but it certainly makes the game flow better.

  3. Lord Adiatun Varunn10 May 2018 at 06:51

    Congratulations! The effect from you got seems to be really good, conveys well the idea of the bayou in 40k!

    1. Cheers Mate. It was a time consuming process but I've really enjoyed experimenting and exploring the Underhive 😎

  4. This looks bloody amazing! What manner of horrors could be lurking in the depths! Very thematic and gameable also makes a great backdrop for your gang!
    The whole table is turning out to be like gaming on a giant diorama.

    1. We've put a lot of effort into these tiles but I think it's been worth it.....and I am really enjoying designing and building them.

  5. Nice looking swamp you there, I just hope no one lights a match. Your underhive is really coming together well.

    1. Thanks Rory.
      I've still got a long way to go but I'm enjoying the modelling process. I'm now revisiting to my other terrain tiles and adding the Zone Mortalis flooring as I feel it helps ground them (no pun intended) in the Underhive.