Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Cletus Bramble rogue doc.

Cletus bramble specialises in amputations, usualy in the field of battle and usually using his rusty saw blade. Simply seeing his approach is usually enough to get most gangers back on their feet and into the action.
A devout man he is often seen in the service of the brotherhood of the cleansing flame.

It is unsure if any of his medical equipment is in a good state of repair if indeed it works at all. 

His results however cant be argued with ...... especially if his patients dont make it.


  1. Very nice, as well as a reliable doctor when needed ... hopefully.
    Lord Adiatun Varunn

  2. That has yet to be proven, in one game he managed to roll triple skulls while 'aiding' a gangers recovery roll.

  3. Awesome conversion. Looks great, mad, crazy, but great!

    1. Thanks, he kinda reminds me of a Scooby-Doo villain. The necromancer head is realy expensive.

  4. You really need to be desperate to go to a doc that obviously is incapable of even looking after himself 😉
    Great work mate!

  5. The desperate and needy flock to the brotherhood's banner, rich pickings indeed for a devout follower of the imperial creed out to help his fellow man....
    So long as they dont find out about his little Wildsnake problem.

  6. He should have his own T.V. series: Cletus Bramble, M.D.

  7. Episode 1, is there a doctor in the sprawl?

  8. Quite a clever kitbash, I like his aspect (but only the mini, I personally wouldn't like to see such a guy treating me!) :D

  9. Thanks.Common consensus is that his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired.