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The Voodoo Dolls of House Escher

Like most of House Escher's gangs, the Voodoo Dolls had a reputation as ostentatious, psychotic killers. Typically still, they specialised in a wide range of exotic pharmaceuticals, from gene-hancing elixirs to luxury designer drugs. Despite being well known as a supplier of Ghast, there is another relatively unknown drug that the Voodoo Dolls specialised in, a drug that would see the Voodoo Dolls rise from the Sump Swamps to reach dizzying heights within Hive Primus but ultimately one which would lead to their downfall.....Zombie.

Zombie was initially developed as a powerful toxin for the Voodoo Dolls' Needle weapons but it was quickly found to have Psycho-hypnotic properties. Those under its influence would divulge any information and its Psycho-suggestive properties would leave the subject eager to satisfy any demand made upon them. The Voodoo Dolls' discovered that the toxin altered Serotonin within the brain, stimulating nerve cells to produce a euphoric state if the subject accomplished any task asked of them.
Maman Brigitte, leader of the Voodoo Dolls. Armed with a Boltgun, Stiletto Sword and a Needle Pistol loaded with the Dolls' trademark toxin Zombie.

Eager to exploit this discovery, the Voodoo Dolls trialled the drug across several factories on the unsuspecting workforce. The results were remarkable, production improved tenfold along with workers' moral. Factory Overseers began distributing the drug throughout local Manufactory Zones and it proved so popular that workers eagerly paid for it themselves. Many of the workers literally worked themselves to death, but life is cheap on Necromunda...and at least they died happy.
Armed with a Hot-Shot Lasgun and Autopistol, Sumpsnake Sully is one of the few people who knows the process for making Zombie. Many of the Voodoo Dolls believe her to be touched by the Hive Spirits and Brigitte often consults with the ganger over 'business' matters.

Thanks to its euphoria inducing properties Zombie soon found its way into the pleasure dens that litter the Hive and it was rumoured that even those above the Wall made use of it for recreational purposes.
As its popularity grew, so did the Voodoo Dolls fortunes. Their standing within House Escher grew exponentially and there were rumours that it would only be a matter of time before Queen Adina offered the Voodoo Dolls' leader a place on her court of nobles.
The Voodoo Dolls' meteoric rise would soon come crashing down however.
The Voodoo Dolls' champion Kimaris....

...or Kimmy to her gang mates, has never uttered a word. Whether this is by choice or some impediment, no one but Brigitte knows.
Kimaris prefers to let her ancient Heavy Stubber do the talking.
Nobody knew who sent the Death-Cult Assassin to eliminate the Voodoo Dolls' leader Maman Brigitte, perhaps it was a jealous rival or a noble within House Escher's ruling court who was fearful for their position. It mattered not who sent her but the result had a profound effect on the Voodoo Dolls' fortunes.
Originally from the Ash Wastes, Longpoke Kari is the gang's tracker and guide for the Dolls' frequent excursions beyond the Hive. 

Her Longlas provides essential support as the rest of the gang move into position.
Like many of the sanctioned Death-Cult Assassins, the Scarlet Blade was inducted into her order at a young age. Years of training, psychological testing and psychic conditioning had produced the ultimate killing machine. A machine that couldn't be reasoned with, bribed or deterred from completing its mission.
So confident were House Escher of Maman Brigitte's inevitable demise that a conclave was held to discuss who would take over the Voodoo Dolls' turf. It was during this meeting that Brigitte walked in declaring "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated!"
Cheers and applause greeted her unexpected arrival, even her fiercest rivals grudgingly applauded her ability to defeat a Death Cult Assassin. The revelry was soon cut short when Brigitte introduced her newest champion...Katrina, formerly known as the Scarlet Blade!
Armed with a Power sword, Stiletto Sword and the trademark Needle Pistol of the Voodoo Dolls...
...Katrina's skill with a blade is second to none.
News of a Death Cult Assassin forsaking her vows to join the Voodoo Dolls spread through Hive Primus like wildfire. Many scoffed at the idea and thought it a hoax. Others whispered of heretical practices, how else could a Psychically trained Assassin be broken if not with witchcraft?
The truth lay in the gang's exclusive drug Zombie.

During the great flood of '18, Rockridge was terrorised by something that washed up from the Sump. The Clean-up Crew of House Goliath and the Voodoo Dolls attempted to rid the locals of the monster. Both gangs were badly mauled in the venture and if it wasn't for Sabine plunging her Stiletto knife up through the creature's maw and into its brain both gangs would have perished. Since that time Sabine has been known as the Hero of Rockridge.

Extensive tests revealed a startling property of the drug. Not only did Zombie stimulate nerve cells within the brain, it also stripped away post-hypnotic or psychic commands. More startling still was that Zombie blocked various pathways preventing Psykers from accessing their abilities and that prolonged use of the drug would make this permanent!
Despite all the possibilities that Zombie promised or maybe because of it, the Voodoo Dolls were declared Narco-Terrorists by Lord Helmawr himself.
Tia was recently taken prisoner by the Clean-up Crew of House Goliath. Her hatred of the Goliaths goes beyond the usual House rivalry. Unfortunately her rage at the sight of them often leads to her emptying her Hotshot Lasgun with wildly inaccurate fire.
Adeptus Arbites, Bounty Hunters, rival House gangs and even a contingent of Lord Helmawr's personal guard, Helmawr's Hounds stormed the Voodoo Dolls' processing manufactoriums, smashing the Synth-Stills and Vats and gunning down anybody unfortunate enough to be present. In a single cycle the Voodoo Dolls lost almost everything...almost.

Calypso was distrustful of the Dolls' latest champion Katrina, but Kat won a trust when rescuing her wife from the 'tender care' of the Clean-up Crew of House Goliath. 
For all the jealous rivals and enemies that the Voodoo Dolls had amassed, they still had friends and allies within House Escher. Maman Brigitte was warned of the gang's impending purge and when the attacks began Brigitte and those close to her fought a long running gun battle as they fled downhive from the carnage.
Many of the Voodoo Dolls fell to the Arbites and Bounty Hunters during the purge but most who broke free from the initial assaults fell as they fled through rival gang territory. The gang was reduced to less than twenty fighters before they reached their old stomping ground in the Sump Swamps.

Jinx is a relative newcomer to the Voodoo Dolls. Hailing from the Sump Swamps the Juve is eager to prove herself to the rest of the gang...especially Sumpsnake Sully who fills her with awe and wonderment.
Many of the gangs refused to enter the Sump Swamps to pursue the Voodoo Dolls. Those that did soon came to regret it. The Dolls' knowledge of the area proved formidable, it wasn't just the Escher Needlers and Stilettos that were poisonous, most of the flora and fauna was toxic as well. The hunters became the hunted.
Over a hundred gangers followed the Voodoo Dolls into the Sump Swamps, a mere handful made it out alive. Those that did never saw their assailants. Some spoke of leeches the size of a man's arm, others of snakes that could swallow a man whole. Many were dragged beneath the turgid 'waters' by creatures straight out of a nightmare.

The young Juve barely escaped the purge. She was found floating in the Sump Swamp with most of her facial features burnt to a crisp. She now wears an old ballroom mask to cover her hideous face. 
With the Voodoo Dolls' powerbase destroyed and the gang reduced to a fraction of its former size, Helmawr's Hounds and the Arbites considered their work done. Bounty Hunters patrolled the outskirts of the swamps for a time but when no confirmed sightings of the gang were reported most left to pursue more accessible quarry. After a time even the most dogged of the Bounty Hunters moved on and the Underhive returned to its usual business.

When the Voodoo Dolls finally ventured out from the sanctuary of the Sump Swamp, gone were the bright ostentatious hair colours. Each ganger's hair was daubed with the reddish sediment that was prevalent throughout the swamp.
The gang was diminished, a mere ten remained, but they had survived all that the Hive could throw at them and have returned with murder in the heart!

Until next time....may Our Lady grant you her number! 😉


  1. Very cool backstory! They all look fantastic too. The Versatile Terrain name plates really give them all an extra bit of something.

  2. Thank you.
    I cannot recommend versatile terrain highly enough, it's a brilliant product matched only by their excellent service.

  3. Lord Adiatun Varunn16 March 2019 at 16:43

    Fantastic miniatures, very well painted and with conversions so natural that they simply look like they came out of sprues ... Their background story is very interesting and you can see all your love for storytelling. Cinder and Calipso are undoubtedly my favorites (Calipso, for me, screams Tina Turner in Mad Max)!

    1. Thanks buddy.
      The Necromunda miniatures are a real joy to work with...although the Escher faces are a little small for these old eyes ;-)

  4. Narrative and models just add up to awesome. Lovely work!

    1. Thanks Dave and thank you for taking the time to comment, it's much appreciated 😁

  5. Brilliant bunch of beautiful ladies, nice back stories and the name plates add character and make them more than Ganger/Juve/Champion - great stuff. They look excellent on the terrain too.

    1. Thanks matey.
      The versatile terrain name plates really help to finish them off.

  6. Tis truly a joy to play against this gang buddy battles both fought and lost against them. The characters realy have come to life over the months congrats on finally getting them finished😉

    1. Cheers pal. Although it does seem apparent that they're sorely lacking a pet or a Brute now....hmmm...

  7. Fantastic - Those look awesome!

    1. Cheers buddy.
      I'm really enjoying working on smaller sized forces, they might not have the same impact as your lush World Eaters but it's great to be able to concentrate on one model at a time.