Sunday, 24 March 2019

Rockridge - A Dominion Campaign

The Rockridge Herald

Hive Quakes Hit Rockridge
Hundreds of workers are feared dead as Hive Quakes tear through Rockridge. Overseers have asked residents to remain calm and that they expect all quotas will be unaffected thanks to the CSE's (Compulsory Shift Extensions). Local Authorities stated the Epicentre was in the settlement of Cruelwater and that the death toll would have been substantially higher if residents hadn't already fled the area after unconfirmed reports that Cruelwater was haunted. Witnesses reported that eight tremors proceeded the Big 'Un with one in particular stating "He ain't seen nuffin like it since the quake of '17".
Abel Cankerson, a representative of House Cawdor lent weight to these reports declaring "Him On Earth, sent eight warnings to the sinners of Rockridge but the Heretics, Mutants and Fornicators refused to heed his message!" When it was pointed out to him by our reporter that the eight tremors were less than 3 minutes apart from each other Cankerson replied "The Emperor's retribution is swift!" 

Let There Be Light
A representative of House Van Saar has confirmed rumours that Rockridge's unexplained power drain has been resolved. "Through dedication and superior Van Saar ingenuity power levels have increased by 20% and the practice of dimming the lights between shifts is now over". Declared Onia Svarde of the Deadlights Cabal. "The issue was never with the Generatorium and I would like it on record that the Krakatoa Heat Sink is as safe now as it has always been". Sources close to the Cabal have disclosed that the problem cleared up on its own after the Hive Quake hit. What ever the reason, this reporter will feel much safer practising her profession with the lights back on.

Cruelwater Spirits Rise As Ghosts Exorcised
The Clean-up Crew of House Goliath and the Voodoo Dolls of House Escher have returned from their expedition in Cruelwater. Both gangs have declared the settlement safe. A Goliath spokesman said "There's no such thing as ghosts, goblins or ghouls and anybody who says different has been drinking too much second best or is a girder licker". An Escher Ganger confirmed that "Cruelwater's migrants are safe to return to their homes and that the Hive Spirits have been appeased". Both gangs showed signs of fatigue with many of them carrying grievous wounds from their expedition. When asked how they had come by these injuries nobody was available to comment.
Since their return it has emerged that a new gang has taken up the responsibility for Cruelwater. A spokesperson for the Marionettes has guaranteed the safety of all who return to the settlement.  

+++Breaking News+++

Hive Quake Unearths New Opportunities
Prospectors have discovered several new passageways after the recent Hive Quake. Explorators, backed by the Guilders have brought in heavy equipment to facilitate the excavation and Explorators have already confirmed the discovery of several intact Domes. The Herald has been asked to convey to all citizens of Rockridge that the Luther Pattern Excavation Automata belong to the Guilders and that anybody caught attempting to steal or tamper with them will be shot on sight.  

Business is booming in Rockridge and Herald has learned that four of the local gangs have already offered to help expand the district's fortunes.

The Voodoo Dolls of Stranglevine Creek.
The Clean-up Crew from Pumphouse.
The Kindred of the Dawn  Shadow from Grubbers' Heights.
The Marionettes from Cruelwater.
Despite their reluctance to hog the limelight, the Herald would like to take the opportunity to thank our benefactors for their selfless task.

Rockridge's Mayor, Ichabod Lickspittle has welcomed this unexpected turn of events.
"Rockridge now offers equal opportunity for all".
He then went on to explain that reports of him saying "The Hive Quake is the best damned thing that has ever happened to this Emperor forsaken dump" were taken out of context and that his thoughts and prayers were with those who had lost loved ones.

More reports as they happen.....


  1. Lord Adiatun Varunn24 March 2019 at 14:31

    "The Hive Quake is the best damn thing that has ever happened to this Emperor forsaken dump"
    It reminds me of the behavior of certain real politicians ... However, the bait is more than appetizing, I practically swallowed the hook too😂

    1. Lol, I think satire has always played a part in Necromunda and 40k and this was meant as tongue firmly in cheek 😉

    2. Lord Adiatun Varunn24 March 2019 at 15:31

      "tongue in cheek"! This time it's me thanking you for teaching me something new ... and some say they are just "stupid soldiers"...

    3. You know when I typed that out I wondered if the expression would be familiar to you.
      Maybe if we play for long enough I might learn Italian? 😉

    4. Lord Adiatun Varunn25 March 2019 at 15:34

      Why not? There is always time to learn and it is a job that never ends 😊(my English will be terrible, don't worry 😂)

  2. Nice way to transition between campaigns! It's fun reading through that knowing what was actually going on. Looks like you've got a couple more folks involved, or are you just each running two separate Gangs now?

    Also, Ichabod Lickspittle is a great name for a sleazy Mayor :D

  3. Cheers WestRider.
    It's just me and Rob playing all of our gangs. All the rest of the Cold Steel Mercs have no interest in 'Munda and are sticking with 40k (The new Chaos Marines almost sucked me back in but then I realised how many books I would need to buy just to get back up to speed and came to my senses 😉).
    Ichabod may well make an appearance at some point, especially if he sticks his grubby little nose into gang business 😁

  4. Whispering heights.... the name is being whispered all over Rockridge looks like a good opportunity to expand our base of operations! Hopefully it will be a simple matter of moving in.

    1. Typical Goliath, can't read! 😛
      Have you decided which gang will go for it?

    2. I think the cult would like to expand its congregation.

  5. Your terrain is always so good looking, a great backdrop for your games.

    1. Cheers Rory. I'm adding more paint to some of the neglected pieces at the moment so it should get better. Unfortunately I'm struggling to get the new phone I want so it could be a while before I have any new content to show 🙁