Friday, 30 January 2015

The Cold Steel Mercenaries Invitational approaches

Every year the Cold Steel Mercenaries (my gaming mates) hold a 1000pt tournament to test our mettle against each other and renew bonds of Brotherhood with a few tankards of ale and a hearty meal. Michael, who does a great job organising it, always likes to add a twist to the tournament each year. This can range from army swaps, a bizarre scoring system or even secret mission cards that can earn players extra points. This year, the sneaky git that he is, he's really thrown me a curve ball..... 

The Invitational has always been played at a fast and furious pace. Seven 1000pt games over two days with a few restrictions in place to keep everybody honest. This year the salient points are:
  • No more than two HQ, Elite, Fast Attack & Heavy Support slots can be taken.
  • At least 250pts must be spent on troops (transports do not count towards this total).
  • Only one flyer of any description can be taken.
  • No more than two of the same transports can be taken.
  • No allies, Data-Slates, Lords of War or Fortifications can be taken. 
  • No more than 10 warp charge can be used for summoning.
  • Army swap in round 6.

So far so good, not too difficult.

But then, Version 4 of the rules-pack came out (it came out about 2 months ago but I didn't bother reading it....Oops!) and after much gnashing of teeth, I now have very little time to do anything about it....D'oh!
It turns out there are now extra tournament points to be had, these are:
  • +1 TP if your army has more points spent on Troops than your opponent (not including conjured units)
  • +1 TP if your army has NO special Characters
  • +2 TP if your army has fewer HQ choices than your opponent
  • +1 TP if your army has no flyers
  • +1 TP if your army has no characters with more than 2 wounds.
  • +2 TP if your army generates over 6 warp charge points
  • +2 TP if your army generates NO warp charge points

I'm sure seasoned Chaos players will noticing a couple of things that sting here.....and for those who don't, allow me to point them out. 
Two wound characters. 
The only two wound characters are Sorcerors, Warpsmiths & Dark Apostles. A Sorceror is out because it loses me a potential 2 TP's if I only take one, and I can't afford 2. The Dark Apostle would be good in a large unit of cultists, but I can't be bothered moving that many models around for seven games. The Warpsmith would need something to get around in if I take him, so unless I switch to the Black Legion Codex (making Chosen Troops) he's going to need a Landraider to go with a 10 man CSM squad. I can't figure a way around this without using the Black Legion Codex, which I don't want to do because I only have a digital copy......have I mentioned how much I hate digital dexes? So I'm just going to have to take the -7 hit on that one.
More Points Spent On Troops
Hey I'm a Chaos Space Marine player, we have the worst troop choices in the game. Only way around it is to use the Black Legion Codex so I can at least use Chosen as dex, no thanks. Another -7 hit.
Even non Chaos players know how good the Heldrake is, even after being toned down. So either leave the Heldrake at home or take another -7 hit.

I briefly considered taking Eldar, but I took them last year and found the army incredibly dull and embarrassing to really did play itself.

In the end I've decided to forget all about the scoring system and just take my Castigators and get spanked for two days.
I was toying with the idea taking my Castigators and creating a summoning list, but after thinking about 7 games of rolling tedious Psychic powers, I thought better of it. I want a nice straight forward army that keeps all that random rolling to a minimum. So I thought about a good old Chaos rush army, but then realised that 1000pts on a 6'x4' table is going to have to cover a lot of ground. So in the end I've gone for a list that does a bit of everything and keeps the book-keeping to a minimum.

The Castigators 1000pt Invitational Army

Nestor Lustheart (205pts)
Chaos Lord[65], Mark of Slaanesh[15], Blade of the Relentless[30], Bike[20], Slaughterer’s Horns[15], Sigil of Corruption[25], Daemonheart[30], Melta Bombs[5]

Squad Sublime(125pts)
5 Noise Marines[95], Blastmaster[30].
Nephran Lustviper - Aspiring Champion with Bolt Pistol & Close Combat Weapon
Sublime Echo (35pts)

Squad Divine (205pts) 
10 Chaos Space Marines[140], Mark of Slaanesh[20], 2 Melta Guns[20], 7 with Bolt Pistol & Close Combat Weapon. 
Darius Lewdgrip – Aspiring Champion with Lightning Claw[15] & Combi-Melta[10].
Divine Bliss (45pts)
Rhino[35], Dirge Caster[5], Dozerblade[5]

Squad Schadenfreude (155pts)
5 Chaos Bikers[110], Mark of Slaanesh[10], 2 Melta Guns[20]. 
Korath Vilehorn – Aspiring Champion with Lightning Claw[15].

Eternal Jouissance (115pts)
Chaos Predator[75], Autocannon Turret, Lascannon Sponsons[40]

Unbound Rapture (115pts)
Chaos Predator[75], Autocannon Turret, Lascannon Sponsons[40]


I've over equipped my Lord, but I'm hoping he'll keep my bikers in the fight for a bit longer (they have a really bad habit of legging it on their own). I like the compactness of this list, it should be reasonably quick to play but I'm under no illusions that it will be an uphill struggle. Hopefully there won't be a lot of Eldar armies.....or Necron Wraith armies......or Nid armies.....or......sigh.....I'm screwed ;-)

The Tournament is in a weeks time, I'll let you know how I get on.

Until next time, may Our Lady grant you her number.

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  1. After thinking about it a bit more, I've decided to go for a more close combat orientated army.
    Nestor Lustheart minus the melta bombs(200pts)
    Squad Sublime (125pts)
    Squad Divine (205pts)
    Rhino with dozer blade (40pts)
    Squad Schadenfreude (155pts)
    5 Chaos Spawn (150pts)
    Maulerfiend (125pts)