Sunday, 16 February 2020

Cereberax - Coarseman of Rockridge.

"As unnerving as it is to lay eyes on him, it's his incessant talking that disturbed me the most.
Endlessly whispering, muttering and arguing with himself, it's enough to drive a fella mad.
But you better pray to the emperor himself that his endless chatter doesn't stop.
'Cause that's when his Stubber starts talking."
                                                               Survivor from the Mutant Incursion of '20.

Greetings Hivers!
The final Gellarpox infected has been re-purposed into a Necromunda Mutant.
This was another model that was gloriously over the top, but unlike Potamus, the model was a little too 'out there' for my tastes.
The belly furnace had to go, I didn't like the chimney stacks and his right arm annoyed me no end...I think it was to do with the metal hand.

I had an idea that this particular Coarseman would be an experiment that had escaped from his creator and would have a deep seated hatred for him (most of the Coarsemen will have a deep hatred of one particular gang but that will be revealed in another post).
With that in mind, I set about him.
The Belly Furnace was replaced with a traditional beer gut, which immediately improved the model for what I wanted. I also chose to paint his pants in orange (with cream stripe) to help indicate that he was from an experimental facility.

The Chimneys were removed and replaced with power cells (spares from the Ad-Mech Kataphron box), which again is an improvement in my opinion.

His right arm was replaced with yet another Ork arm from an old 40k starter box (I'm not sure which edition 4th or 5th I think?) to give him a Heavy Stubber. Note the barcode tattoo to reaffirm his experimental status.

Overall I'm reasonably happy with him (although I spent much more time on him than I wanted).
I'm more happy that I've finished yet another model from my backlog, especially as it's from the Kill Team set, which is a game that has proven to be something of a disappointment for me.

I'm sure he'll make a fine adversary in our games of Necromunda and I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of trouble he'll bring for the gangs of Rockridge.

Until Next time....May the Hive Spirits watch over you 😉


  1. "Get the sword out I want to cut his head off"
    Cool model dude! The quartet is complete....terror awaits all those who would attempt to oppose the course men!

    1. The Coarsemen Come!
      Now I just need to get my Marionettes finished!

    2. ah crap, someone got in first!

  2. Ohhh. I think you took the right decision here. Really an improvement!

  3. Gracias Suber. He feels a little more Judge Dredd Mutie than Chaos infected now.

  4. That incessant talking has just got to be a Monty Python reference! "You're lucky you're not next to him! -What do you mean?! - You snore! - Oh I don't- anyway, you have bad breath! - Because you never brush my teeth! - Oh, stop quickly, let's have a cup of tea!". I agree that the model is over the top but I reckon your painstaking modifications were worth it, escpecially the power cells. Erm... can I have that right arm if you're not using it? :D

    1. Cheers fella....the Monty Python was reference was a happy accident ;-)

  5. Lord Adiatun Varunn17 February 2020 at 02:20

    With the removal of the furnace on the belly and the replacement of the arm you have obtained a remarkable improvement ... I wonder what will happen when he and his friends are unleashed. Damn, I feel the urge to assemble a mutant ogre myself now :-)

    1. Thanks Marco.
      It'll be another couple of weeks before the Mutie Incursion begins, but I suspect that Rockridge will be in for a hard time ;-)

  6. Great conversions. You definitely improved the model on all fronts. Love the power cell idea to replace the stacks.

    1. Cheers DAM, the Ad-Mech kits are great for that sort of thing :D